What’s The Buzz on Our Managed Keynote Speakers?

Eagles Talent’s managed speakers play many different roles apart from that of a professional keynote speaker. For example, many of our talented speakers double as educators, writers and artists, among many others. Speakers often use their experience from different aspects of life as part of their keynote in order to relate better to attendees or simply to send an impactful message.

Continue reading to get “The Buzz” on how our speakers have been fulfilling their various roles and engaging audiences along the way.

Dr. Todd Dewett Answers Questions on Leadership, Education and Technology

Dr. Todd Dewett, also known as the “Professor of Authenticity,” recently sat down for a Q&A centered around his role as a LinkedIn Learning instructor. He spoke about what it’s like working with LinkedIn as well as the impact of technology on education.

Todd was also quoted in a Moneyish article about dealing with an office slacker. In the article titled, “Here’s How to Work With the Office Slacker,” Todd provides helpful tips on how you should handle a situation where an office slacker is negatively affecting the office’s environment and work ethic.

Amelia Rose Earhart Writes Inspiring Essay on Overcoming Obstacles

As an around-the-world pilot, Amelia Rose Earhart has definitely experienced turbulence while flying high in the sky. However, she has also experienced the kind of turbulence many of us face when we are attacked by obstacles left and right.

In her inspirational essay, titled “Our wings are designed to bend, not break,” Amelia reminds readers that like airplanes, we are made to withstand even the most stressful situations. Although it may seem impossible — and it may very well be difficult — we can overcome absolutely anything.  

Gabe Zichermann Records Vlog on Tech-Life Balance Tips for Employees

Achieving a tech-life balance is essential for anyone to lead a healthy life, but the benefits it holds for employees and businesses is unparallelled. In an effort to help employees perform better in the workplace, technology strategist Gabe Zichermann recorded a vlog in which he talks about the importance of achieving a tech-life balance, how employers can help their team achieve this balance, and how it can positively impact a business in terms of customer satisfaction.

Phil Hansen Releases Video on How Creativity Changes With Age

In his newest video, Phil Hansen answered a question that is burning in the minds of many: Do we lose creativity with age? Phil delved deep as he explained to viewers the reasoning behind changes in creativity, which partially lies in the very different mindsets of a child versus an adult.

The video is packed with fun animation and interesting facts from the artist as he explains why children are often seen as more creative.

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