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Mallory Brown shares real-life stories of human connection. She teaches how empathy builds better communities, breaks down barriers of diversity, and paves a powerful path for individuals and organizations to find fulfillment.

Mallory has founded two socially conscious companies and is currently walking a global marathon for women’s empowerment. She has traveled to over 50 countries, spoken to audiences internationally, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities fighting poverty. Her story inspires others to live a passionate, generous, and global life.


Many people have given up hope that they will ever truly make a positive impact, either at work and at home. They don’t have the time, money, or inspiration to give back. After ten years traveling the world documenting real stories of human connection, Mallory has discovered the missing link in our quest to live a fulfilled life.

In her keynote, Mallory invites you on a journey to embrace your humanity. Mallory teaches the power of empathy and how every individual can make a difference. You’ll renew your sense of connectedness and learn how to cultivate more empathy in your life. Be prepared to open your heart, challenge your soul, and finally make the impact that you want to make in the world.

Mallory Brown is an adventure traveler, filmmaker, and humanitarian.  At a young age, Mallory was hit with the realities of the human struggle and learned to open her heart to people in need. She transformed her passion for helping others into a powerful career promoting global kindness.  Now, in her mid-30s, Mallory has traveled to over 60 countries, spoken to audiences internationally, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities fighting poverty.

Mallory’s latest campaign, “Walk A Mile” is a global marathon for women’s empowerment.  She is walking a marathon, one mile at a time, stepping into the shoes to women facing incredible challenges.  26 miles.  26 women.  26 stories of strength.  As each “mile” benefits a local charity, the series supports women’s empowerment worldwide.

As an advocate for empathy, Mallory teaches individuals and organizations how to create real connections, gain perspective, and embrace their collective humanity.  Her goal is to encourage others to live with empathy and reignite their own desire to make an impact.  Her story inspires everyone to live a passionate and generous life.


Would you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes?

Humanitarian filmmaker, Mallory Brown, teaches the power of empathy and human connection. She reignites the potential that each of us hold to make a positive impact in our companies and communities. You’ll learn how to create real connections, overcome challenges, and embrace your own humanity.

Be prepared to open your heart, expand your soul, and finally make the difference you were meant to make in the world. Travel with Mallory on a journey around the globe to hear incredible stories of humanity. From African tribes to the homeless in the USA, you’ll step into the shoes of others to expand your perspective on life and work.


  1. Burst your own bubble. The routine of daily life gets us caught up in our own bubbles. It happens to everyone.  The key is recognizing the bubble you live in and making a conscious effort to burst it.  Only then can we see the people and opportunities around us in a new light.
  2. See the people and not the problem. When facing adversity, often we focus too much on the issue.  The “problem” grabs all our attention.  Instead, if we focus on the people involved (who is affected? who can help?), the solutions tend to reveal themselves.
    1. Little by little, one travels far. Great change in the world come in small, incremental steps.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with Mallory and her presentation last week! It was the perfect way to start our Annual Meeting and had a very positive impact.”
– Selected Independent Funeral Homes

“We had great feedback from attendees including “She’s an inspiration!”, “Can’t wait to help her!”, “I want to be her when I grow up!”, and “I wish my spouse could have seen this!”
– Streamline Events

“Mallory demonstrates through her own experience how one committed individual can be a catalyst for change. Her enthusiasm for making a difference in the world is contagious.”
– Albion College

“A very inspiring speaker who can compel others to try and make a difference by helping those in need.”

“I love that you are able to feel a sense of wonder and authenticity as Mallory speaks. Every interaction with her is positive for all she engages!”

“A breath of fresh air. Mallory brings a breath of fresh air to her audience. Her story is authentic, moving, and inspires people to connect with others empathetically. To hear her message is a gift.”
– Hospital Systems Health System

“Mallory was awesome and our group loved hearing from her. She is an incredible person and speaker!”
– Academy Mortgage Corporation

“Mallory was very well received both in the room and virtually. Her story inspired many to want to go out and do more. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. She was also so personable and enjoyed having her speak at our Women’s History Month event. She is truly making history for so many women globally.”
– CVS Health

“We THANK YOU, Mallory for joining us today and sharing your incredible journey and story! You touched our hearts in a very difficult time in this world.”
– Mondelez International

“Mallory is an incredible speaker who is able to convey her message of empathy in an impactful way. The message moves from your head to your heart and stays with you.”
– Ogle School of Hair, Skin, Nails 


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Videos from Mallory's "Walk a Mile" Campaign

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Mallory Brown speaks to the desire inside all of us to make an impact in the world. Her story inspires audiences to live a passionate, generous, and global life

Mallory has spoken to corporations, nonprofits, educational institutions, and associations on the importance of empathy, compassion, and giving back. Clients include Fiat Chrysler Automo-biles, CSC Platinum Circle, GoFundMe, Habitat for Humanity, Ford, BEMA, Sustainable Brands, Coalition for Collegiate Women, Women’s Leadership Conference of SE Ohio, SXSW, and TieCon Detroit.

Mallory has been featured on The Today Show, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Huffington Post, and Ambassador Magazine for pioneering a new, engaging approach to philanthropy. She has published over 40 humanitarian films directly raising over $300,000 for grassroots charities around the world.

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