Everything You Need to Know About Todd Dewett’s LinkedIn Learning Courses

Keynote speaker, authenticity expert, educator and advisor — these are just a few of the titles that suit Dr. Todd Dewett. Before motivating audiences everywhere as a top leadership speaker, however, Todd earned his Ph.D and served as a professor at Wright State University for 10 years.

Despite leaving the classroom for the stage, Todd continues to educate others through his LinkedIn Learning courses, which have made him a global best-seller. His courses cover topics such as new manager fundamentals, public speaking, learning from failure and many more.   

Watch the video below to see Todd answer a few questions about his role as a LinkedIn Learning instructor:

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Teamwork is key when it comes to creating courses.  

Every year, Todd and producers at LinkedIn team up to bring viewers at least five in-depth courses that cover a wide range of topics relating to business and leadership. The process in creating one course is lengthy and includes everything from content creation, writing, filming, editing and marketing.

“There’s a lot of time involved in making a great online course and it starts with me and the producers working through the type of content we want for a given title,” Todd said. “How do we make this truly something great for the learner?”

Todd’s goal is to help viewers perform better in the workplace.

Todd is familiar with the struggles one may face in their career because he too has been there at some point. As an instructor, he aims to give viewers the push they need to excel in the workplace.

Todd’s lessons are anything but generic — he gives viewers proven, tried and trusted advice that has worked for him as well as other top leaders. In his courses, Todd provides learners with the resources they need to approach work issues differently, maximize their performance and achieve success.  

Authenticity is one of his favorite topics.

If you’ve attended one of Todd’s keynotes or read any of his books, then you know he has a great deal to say on authenticity. After all, he is known as the professor of authenticity. Although he does not have one specific course dedicated to authenticity, he squeezes the topic in wherever he is able because of how important it is in any situation. Authenticity plays a major role in running a successful business and Todd strives to drive this message across to his viewers.  

Book Todd Dewett for Your Next Event

Like his online courses, Dr. Dewett’s keynotes aim to help attendees advance their careers and perfect their leadership skills. He seeks to answer common questions about leadership and business while providing attendees with the tools he used to reach the top. If you are in need of a keynote speaker who will educate and inspire your audience to perform better in the workplace, Todd is the perfect speaker for your next event. For more information on how to book Todd, please call 1.800.345.5607.  


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