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Dr. Todd Dewett

leadership & authenticity expert


Dr. Dewett is the world’s leading authenticity expert. Decades of research and business experience helped him realize that all good but not yet great people, teams, and companies lacked one key ingredient: authenticity.

His leadership and life insights have been featured in the New York Times, TIME Magazine, Forbes, BusinessWeek, US News & World Report, CNN and many more.

Dr. Dewett is a two-time global best seller and the go-to leadership expert for millions of members through at LinkedIn. His library of work with has earned praise from professionals in over 160 countries.

Dr. Todd Dewett’s message is simple: Stop leading, stop selling, stop pretending. START CONNECTING.

want to be more authentic like dr. Todd Dewett?

Professor of authenticity

In his keynotes, Dr. Dewett preaches about the importance of authenticity in the workplace and in everyday life. He emphasizes this in his overall message of "Show Your Ink."
Show Your Ink

Best-Selling LinkedIn Learning Instructor

A go-to leadership expert, Todd's work with and LinkedIn Learning has earned praise from professionals in 160 countries.
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Dr. Dewett has written and contributed to many books where he shares insight on topics, such as leadership, authenticity and business, among others.
Dr. Dewett's Books

Top Leadership Keynote Speaker

Todd Dewett is a top leadership keynote speaker for managers and business leaders. Audiences are captivated by his rugged authentic style as well as his overall message of being your true self.
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Dr. Dewett's latest book release


Show Your Ink: Unleashing the Power of Authenticity
This is Dr. Dewett’s most popular keynote based on his book Show Your Ink. It’s a supremely colorful take on the importance of authenticity. This keynote can be tailored for a focus on leadership, sales, culture, customer service, and innovation.

Dr. Dewett shares his decades of research and business experience that helped him realize that all good, but not yet great people, teams, and companies, lacked one key ingredient: authenticity. At its core, authenticity is about being “more.” More real. More honest. More credible. Above all, more human. Todd takes attendees on an emotional ride as they learn that more is always possible when you are as human as possible. Using stories as his medium, Todd lifts them up, opens their eyes, and ignites their passion for work and life.

Key Takeaways:
1. More is always possible.
Create teams that are committed, not just compliant. Ignite the fire for excellence as the only real standard. Transform customers into raving fans through real connection.
2. Excellence is free.
The very best drivers of personal and team improvement don’t cost a penny. It takes time, effort, and honesty – but it’s free. There are no excuses.
3. Authenticity beats authority.
Achievement is about connection, not power. Discover and clarify the authentic you. Break down the wall. Seek candor. Seek to understand. Seek to help.

Every keynote experience is designed to inspire measurable improvement. Your audience will leave elated and genuinely excited about engaging work differently: more open, more honest, more authentic – more successful.


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Audiences across the country have fallen in love with Dr. Todd Dewett's authenticity, honesty, and credibility. After all, Todd practices what he preaches. In his keynotes, he speaks to audiences about the importance of being authentic both in the workplace and in everyday life. Todd's own authenticity shines through in his keynote as he tells it like it is and helps leaders everywhere prosper in their fields by being more real with their teams.

Below are just a few of Todd's clients, ranging from major corporations to educational institutions and more.

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