Dr. Todd Dewett’s Latest LinkedIn Learning Videos are Live!

If you didn’t already know, leadership expert Dr. Todd Dewett is also a bestselling author at LinkedIn Learning. He has 38 courses on the site — the most of any business author globally. He teaches courses on workplace matters, such as management, leadership and how to handle common problems that may arise in the office.

His latest courses just went live on LinkedIn Learning. Continue reading to learn all about them.

Pitching Your Ideas Strategically

Teamwork is an essential quality that companies must possess in order to succeed. Without teamwork, your goals will not be met and the company may sink. This means you must do your part and contribute your best to your team. One way to do this is by pitching your unique ideas.

Dr. Todd Dewett’s course titled “Pitching Your Ideas Successfully” teaches viewers how to confidently deliver their own pitches, whether they are presenting to coworkers, managers or a larger audience. In his course, Dr. Dewett addresses everything from preparation to execution, giving you all the tools you need to successfully deliver your pitch.

Creating a Keynote Presentation

As a top leadership speaker, Dr. Dewett knows exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to keynote presentations. Drawing from his own experience as a professional keynote speaker, Dr. Dewett gives viewers helpful tips on how they can prepare and deliver an impactful keynote. In “Creating a Keynote Presentation,” he covers the beginning steps in developing a keynote, the impact of using anecdotes as examples and how to deliver a keynote with impact.   

Dr. Dewett said he is particularly excited about his keynote course because it is a combination of his background as a professor and a keynote speaker, and it gives him the opportunity to reach a much larger audience since the videos are available online.   

Not only did I teach speaking as part of teaching leadership to MBA students, but I’m a professional speaker,” Dr. Dewett said. “I’ve been asked to train professional speakers on multiple occasions on keynote speaking, and now I have a keynote course on the premier learning platform on the planet that will allow me to reach thousands more.”

Book Dr. Todd Dewett for Your Next Event

Dr. Todd Dewett is well-equipped to give your audience the tools they need to excel in leadership, successfully present their ideas, and create a productive work environment. If you are in need of a speaker who specializes in leadership and corporate culture, Dr. Dewett will not disappoint you. To book him for your next event, please call 1.800.345.5607. 


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