phil hansen's Talk

Embrace the Shake

THIS INCLUDES AN interactive art experience

  • Ignite and innovate your attendees attitude
  • Rethink what “always worked”
  • Bring creativity to limitations

About The Talk: Embrace the Shake

Limitations can drive creativity.

Audiences will fee inspired by Phil’s engaging art and personal journey of overcoming adversity. They will learn mental framework to help recognize their own limitations. His program will help them focus on actionable ways to help each other and themselves rather than look for external solutions. Ultimately, they will discover that their limitations can be a source for creativity.

Whether your virtual conference is on Zoom, a live private Facebook group, or professionally hosted, Phil will genuinely connect a highly relevant message to your attendees.

In-Person Events

Beyond his story, Phil will engage your audience in an act of art destruction to show that we need to be flexible with holding onto the pas. He will assemble an artwork on stage that shows the power of shifting perspectives. To top it off, he will lead the audience in an art creation experience with the result being a mosaic artwork that is yours to keep.


Not your average virtual presentation! Phil brings you into his art studio through a mixture of amazing images, videos, and multi HD cameras (like a TV productions). Phil also creates an interactive presentation by leading the audience through an art creation experience which results in a physical artwork that you get to keep! Whether your virtual conferences is on Zoom, other platforms, or professionally hosted, Phil will delight your attendees.


  • Help attendees learn ways to be creative, embrace limitations, deal with change.
  • Inspiring, engaging, interactive
  • For both large/small teams and leadership/management/sales meetings
  • 45-60 minutes programs


  • Discover a fresh perspective on how our constraints can be a catalyst for creativity. 
  • Identify the obstacles that have the power to limit our success and reimagine them.
  • Reduce stress by turning inwards and looking at how our internal resources can solve the challenges ahead.

Interactive Art Experience

Attendees Create a One-of-A-Kind-Artwork

How It's Done:

  • Attendees go to a specific webpage on their phones. (for in-person events, they will need internet access on their devices).
  • Phil Provides prompts for writing an drawing throughout his presentation.
  • Phil creates a large mosaic artwork with all of the attendees drawings within 2 weeks.

What You Get:

  • Whether the experience is. virtual or in person, a physical artwork is created. The client is shipped a print of the artwork to display.
  • A reveal video showing behind-the-scenes footage and delivering the message of what the artwork represents.
  • A webpage with an ultra high-quality image that attendees can zoom into and look for their creation.
  • A high-quality digital scan that you can do anything with. You could print out an 8×10 for attendees or turn it into a custom paper weight. The possibilities are endless!

*Custom images are an additional cost.

Frequently asked questions

Phil Hansen’s collaborative art experience IS included with his keynote. The collaborative art experience fits perfectly within the one-hour time frame of Phil’s keynote.

The collaborative art experience is included with the cost of the keynote (up to 4,000 attendees).

Clients may choose to create from one of the popular images offered by Phil. They may also, however, choose to create a custom image, such as their company’s logo or an image that is meaningful to the company. The custom image is included in the cost of the keynote.

Phil assembles the art back his his art studio. It takes approximately 2 weeks for the artwork to be completed. After assembling the piece, he will send the client a reveal video to show the art along with a zoomable link. The artwork will be shipped to the client.

Yes! The client is sent a print of the art work to keep. Most clients choose to frame their art and hang it in a prominent location. It serves as a reminder of the team’s collaborative efforts in creating something truly remarkable.

an experience like no other

In addition to his keynote, Phil Hansen has also crafted a unique art experience beyond his talk. (Note: This experience included in Phil's virtual and in-person program)

everyone's an artist

Bring your attendees together to create a stunning and unexpected work of art! With Phil's guidance, attendees will be asked to create and contribute their own artwork.

bring your team together

This hands-on experience demonstrates the power of how our individual roles make up a whole, while allowing attendees to embrace challenges through teamwork.

Keep your art!

Many clients choose to hang their artwork in a prominent location. It serves as a reminder of the power of teamwork and dedication.

What is the take-home value of the Collaboration Art Experience?

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