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Gabe Zichermann is the foremost expert on designing for engagement as well as helping organizations and individuals achieve balance in their relationships to technology, each other and the world. Gabe has worked with major governments, Fortune 500s and startups to help them maximize positive engagement. He is also the author of three books on the subject of engagement, including the widely beloved Gamification Revolution (McGraw Hill), and the engagement design bible, Gamification by Design.

According to Gabe, one consistent theme in his life has been taking professional risks. While this has come with some awesome successes, it has also come with many many (many) failures. When facing the closure of his latest venture, Gabe started asking the question: “If failure is such a good teacher why does no one teach you how to fail?” 

This is the subject of his video/audio podcast series and forthcoming book, Failosophy — a set of tools, techniques and tricks that can help you face your fear of failure, create an entrepreneurial culture, and succeed like never before. Now, Gabe is dedicating himself to helping you and your organization transform your life for the better.

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Gamification Expert

A leading expert on gamification, Gabe Zichermann teaches organizations how to increase customer and employee engagement through the positive use of technology.
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Learn How to Fail Better

Failure is something everyone experiences, and Gabe is no exception. After experiencing failure of his own, Gabe is now dedicated to helping audiences everywhere learn how to handle failure and turn it into something positive.

Achieve a Tech-Life Balance

Achieving a tech-life balance is beneficial for leaders and employees, as it creates a happier work environment while increasing customer satisfaction. Gabe explores this and more in his insightful keynotes.
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Best Technology Keynote Speaker

As a top speaker in technology, and digital engagement, Gabe Zichermann speaks with audiences about achieving a healthy tech-life balance, increasing engagement and letting go of the fear of failure.
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The day Apple announced a product called Screen Time, Gabe’s startup, Onward, fell apart. In the process of coming to accept the reality of his situation, Gabe questioned the reality of failure: Having had 2 successful exits and 3 failures, why wasn’t this getting any easier for him? Put another way:

If failure is the best teacher, why does no one teach you how to fail better?

Exploring the topic of failure led Gabe down a very interesting path, weaving together his personal experience as an entrepreneur with an understanding of behavioral psychology, game theory and organizational development.

Today, Gabe is dedicated to helping audiences come to terms with their failures and using it as a way to push them forward instead of setting them back.


Technology has profoundly improved our lives while also creating completely new challenges for engagement, productivity and wellness. Modern apps and devices are driving an explosion in addictive and distracting behaviors whose major workplace impacts are starting to be felt across all sectors, and by employees at all career/life stages. Learn the best practices used by leading organizations to give people control over their distracted brains and improve productivity, satisfaction and happiness. Discover how technology holds the key to both the problem of distraction and its cure as well as what breakthrough approaches have been successful across industries and the world. Explore the workplace and employee of the future when we’ve achieved tech-life balance.

Employees are more distracted than ever due to increased workplace demands and our always-on tech culture. At the same time, organizational technology and processes are designed to assume a “captive” audience of compliant workers when today’s most valuable team members are expected to be highly autonomous, independent and entrepreneurial. Set against this backdrop, smart organizations are using the power of games to bridge the gap between the 20th and 21st century workforce, using gamification and engaging technology to drive learning, teamwork, productivity and recruitment to new heights. In this talk, you’ll learn the secrets of driving sustained employee engagement and how gamification can transform your organization to be ready for the future based on examples, neuroscience, and practical data.


Technology Addiction
Health & Wellness
Tech Work-Life Balance
Employee and Customer Engagement
Business Growth
Consumer Behavior
Leadership and Inspiration
Global Business Solutions

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Gabe Zichermann has presented his keynotes for audiences in over 45 countries. He has spoken to a wide range of audiences, including major corporations, universities and organizations, to name a few. An expert in all things technology, Gabe teaches attendees how to effective incorporate technology into the workplace to increase both customer and employee engagement. He also speaks on the impact of failure and how to use failure as an advantage rather than a setback.

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