Dr. Todd Dewett’s Advice on How to Handle an Office Slacker

If you work in an office setting — or any setting for that matter — chances are, you know someone who could be contributing more to the company. Maybe the person sitting next you is constantly dozing off or taking personal time during work hours.

Confronting an office slacker can sound terrifying for most people. Maybe you don’t think it’s your place to say something or perhaps you don’t want to create conflict in your office. Whatever the case may be, leadership expert Dr. Todd Dewett is here with some words of advice to help you figure out how to handle the office slacker.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

In a recent article for Moneyish, Todd advised readers to first decide whether the slacker’s behavior directly affects them. Are you and the so-called slacker working on an important project together? Is their slacking preventing you from moving forward with the project or is it making your work more difficult? If not, “the do-nothing option is the smartest, because we do have to choose our battles,” Todd told Moneyish.

Approach the Slacker Before Approaching Your Boss

You never know what someone may be going through, so you should try to approach the person in question before going to your boss. You don’t necessarily have to tell them they’ve been slacking — simply express your concern over their recent behavior. Todd says it’s best to be “positive, respectful and private,” and to hear them out. Depending on what kind of response you receive, you can then decide whether it’s worth it to approach your boss.

To learn more insight from Todd and other experts in the field, read “Here’s How to Work With the Office Slacker” on Moneyish.

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