Amelia Rose Earhart Writes Inspiring Essay on Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

Inspirational keynote speaker Amelia Rose Earhart has experienced turbulence in both a physical and mental sense. Physically, she has flown planes around the world and has felt the shaky sensations of a couple of angry skies. Mentally, she has faced turbulence in the form of obstacles that have tried to get in the way of her goals.

Everyone has faced some kind of turbulence in their life and often times, we shy away from it because we’re scared of what could come next. With this in mind, Amelia penned an inspirational essay in which she reminds readers that “Our wings are designed to bend, not break.”

Airplanes are made to withstand even the worst turbulence…and so are you.

When aircrafts are created, they go through a series of stress tests to ensure their safety in even the worst flying conditions. In life, we also go through a series of unplanned situations that test how well we respond to the worst possible scenarios.

“Sometimes we’re blessed with smooth air and tailwinds to help propel us toward our destination, while other times, we feel close to hitting our limit during times of pressure, turmoil and change,” Amelia writes.

Although there may be times when you feel like giving up, Amelia reminds readers that it is always possible to overcome absolutely anything.

Obstacles are unexpected and unplanned.

It goes without say, but it is highly unlikely that you will ever see an obstacle heading your way. Despite the ambush, Amelia says we must remind ourselves of one thing: “I can always handle more than I initially think I can.” Doing so will put you in the positive state of mind you need to begin embracing the turbulence.  

Overcome obstacles by letting go of negative thoughts and keeping a strong support system by your side.

Amelia writes that one of the first steps in overcoming obstacles is to take all those negative thoughts in your mind and throw them away. Another important step? Maintain a strong support system who will stick by you and lend a helping hand whenever needed. Do this and you’ll be well on your way to embracing the turbulence and overcoming adversity.

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