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Amelia Rose Earhart

Leading through the Turbulence

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Leadership Workshop: On developing a flight plan and having a solid flight crew.

An inspiring pilot, Amelia Rose Earhart became one of the youngest women to fly a single-engine plane around the world. As part of her keynote, Amelia teaches her audience how to create a flight plan for success, define their “True North,” and achieve their goals.

Amelia strives to push her own limits while inspiring others to do the same. Although being named Amelia Earhart influenced her desire to start flying over 10 years ago, she now knows that flying is a much bigger part of who she is. In her keynote, Amelia challenges attendees to discover their identity and passions.

In 2014, Amelia Rose Earhart completed the flight her namesake was unable to complete in 1937. Following the same flight plan that the original Amelia Mary Earhart took, Amelia Rose flew 28,000 miles around the world in 18 days. In her keynote, she encourages her audience to set goals and not give up on them. She also speaks on leadership, planning, goal setting and understanding a mission for success.

learn more about Amelia's message for Leaders and Teams on overcoming change and turbulence

Inspiring Around-The-World Pilot

In 2014, Amelia Rose Earhart completed the flight her namesake was unable to complete in 1937, placing her among the few women who have served as pilot in command of a flight around the world.
Amelia's Flight

Create a Flight Plan for Success

In her keynotes, Amelia teaches attendees the importance of setting goals and following through. She guides attendees in creating their own flight plans suited for their personal and professional goals.
Amelia's Keynote

President of the Fly With Amelia Foundation

Amelia is founder and president of the Fly With Amelia Foundation, which awards flight school scholarships to young women between the ages of 16-18.
Fly With Amelia Foundation

Empowering Keynote Speaker For Women and Businesses

Although her keynotes cater to wide range of audiences, Amelia's keynotes are particularly empowering for women and businesses, speaking on topics like goal-setting and leaving a legacy.
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When we set our minds toward any big goal, we imagine creating our plan and executing it to completion. We tell ourselves that if we work hard enough, we will soar from Point A to Point B gracefully, leaving others to wonder how we ever pulled it off. We begin our journey and everything seems fine. The wind is at our backs and the view is spectacular. Suddenly, there’s a terrifying jolt. We’ve been thrown off course by something we never saw coming: turbulence. Our well thought out plan is suddenly thrown out the window. We are now in crisis mode. THIS was NOT supposed to happen. Which way is up? Who is on our team? Is there ANY safe place to land? This is the point where we have to ask ourselves if we are doomed for a crash landing or if we are willing to learn to love the turbulence.

Key takeaways:
1. Become the pilot of your life with this flight-based leadership training that is perfect for any audience looking to advance their career and reach their goals.
2. Learn to embrace and overcome obstacles.
3. Create a personal flight log tailored toward your own personal and professional goals, filled with eight weeks of content to propel your journey.
4. Your team will come away with a pilot’s mindset, determination, and a perspective sure to distinguish their ideas from the crowd.

Through a natural aviation metaphor, your team will crawl into the cockpit, becoming decision makers in complete control of their aircraft. Tailored to fit your group’s specific goals and challenges, Amelia’s Learning to Love the Turbulence workshop will lead your team through thought provoking, pre-flight exercises designed to ask critical questions about route, flight crew and aircraft strength, discussions on managing energy burn through different “phases of flight,” and will invite each participant to discover their ability to become pilot in command of their own journey.

The best pilots, and the best leaders, are not those who avoid the bumps along the way. They are the ones who understand that turbulence is a part of any journey worth taking. They have learned to course correct when problems arise, to understand the importance of situational awareness and to build a strong flight crew, all willing to make a journey together.

Your team will come away with a pilot’s mindset, a perspective sure to distinguish their ideas and determination from the crowd. Each participant will also leave with a personal flight log, filled with eight weeks of content to propel their journey. The only journey without turbulence is one that never begins.

Some of the best ideas are never fulfilled because the destination is unclear and the journey is not mapped. In this keynote, Amelia Rose Earhart helps attendees reach their destination from take-off to landing. Using the strategies she used to fly around the world, Amelia’s content is both inspiring and thought provoking.

Key Takeaways:
Amelia shares the same fundamentals she used on her flight, which are also needed for business success:

  • Overcome self doubt
  • Be clear on your destination
  • Create a successful flight plan
  • Trust your flight crew
  • Execute on the fly
  • Believe in the journey
  • Embrace the turbulence


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Amelia Rose Earhart Featured In...

Amelia's story of hard work, determination, and dedication resonates deeply with many audiences. Her story has been featured on major media outlets, such as CNN, The New York Times, and The Today Show, just to name a few. In addition, she has given her keynotes to a wide variety if audiences, including educational institutions, businesses, and others.

Fortune 500 Companies, The United States Air Force Academy, dozens of universities and civic organizations, just to name a few, have been impacted and thousands have been jolted awake by Amelia’s contagious enthusiasm for action, her raw and charming leadership style and her ability to take audiences along on their own flight around the world with her story.

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