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Amelia Rose Earhart


As a boundary-pushing around the world pilot, Amelia Rose Earhart helps helps leaders and teams venture into uncharted territory– with confidence.

Amelia Invites her audiences to climb into the cockpit for a great story, and flight lessons on how to take a pilot’s perspective on navigating life’s turbulence. Her mess is creative, adventurous, and memorable. She helps attendees taken on any challenge with a solid flight plan.

Her 28,000 mile flight around the world in a single engine aircraft became a symbol of determination, courage and empowerment for anyone who has ever decided to seek new horizons.

Fortune 500 Companies, The United States Air Force Academy, dozens of Universities and Civic Organizations, just to name a few, have been impacted thousands have been jolted awake by Amelia’s contagious enthusiasm for action, her raw and charming leadership style and her ability to take audiences along on their own flight around the world with her story.

As a boundary-pushing around the world pilot, Amelia Rose Earhart knows exactly what it takes to venture into uncharted territory– with confidence.

With the odds stacked against her, Amelia not only trained to become a pilot, but to become the type of pilot to choose honor the person she was named after, Amelia Mary Earhart, by piloting a single-engine airplane (Pilatus PC-12NG) 28,000 Nautical Miles around the globe. To accomplish this, Amelia developed a flight plan all her own, and while reporting full-time as on air, TV helicopter reporter, completed private, instrument and commercial pilot training, crafted an entrepreneurial and strategic business plan to design, fund and market her around the world attempt, raised close to $2 million in partnerships with 28 corporations, founded and ran the Fly With Amelia Foundation, which sent numerous teenage girls to flight school, and more.

Today, Amelia Rose Earhart is a full-time speaker, podcast host, and artist living in Denver, CO who incorporates the lessons of her 2014 global flight into every aspect of her professional and personal life. Amelia is excited to share the remaining funds from the Fly With Amelia Foundation to another aviation charity helping to promote women in aviation and will be sharing exciting details soon. From the Air Force Thunderbirds, to the Reagan Library, to corporations like Capital One, Lockheed Martin and United Healthcare, Amelia’s list of clients who trust her message of agility continues to grow.

Amelia is currently submitting her manuscript, The Ups and the Downs of Turbulence, which she wrote with author Kristin Clark Taylor, during Winter of 2020. Memorabilia from Amelia’s flight around the world can be found at her permanent display at Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum in Denver, CO.


Both Virtual and In-Person Program.

There will be successful companies in 2022-2023 and beyond. What’s one thing these teams will need to have in common? A willingness to venture into uncharted territory. In the midst of professional and personal change, teams who take action on bold, resourceful, and never-before imagined solutions are the ones that will find growth.

As a boundary-pushing around the world pilot, Amelia Rose Earhart knows exactly what it takes to venture into uncharted territory; now she’s sharing her one of a kind perspective and strategy with the world.

With the odds stacked against her, Amelia brought her own bold idea to life in 2014, piloting a small plane (Pilatus PC-12NG) 28,000 Nautical Miles around the globe. To accomplish this, Amelia self-funded her private, instrument and commercial flight training, went through open-water survival training, crafted a strategic business plan to design, fund and market her around the world attempt, help to design and build a custom auxiliary fuel tank for the trip, grew a large and passionate social following to spread the word, raised close to $2 million in partnerships with 28 corporations, founded and ran a charity organization to send numerous teenage girls to flight school, and more.

In Amelia’s keynote, she shares 3 non-negotiables that she used in her successful, uncharted trip around the globe, which is directly transferable to the business world. Whether the attendees are CEOs/leaders, a sales team, or an entire team of an organization, Amelia’s talk contains actionable takeaways that people can start implementing immediately.

Consider All Directions: Course correction in action. When unexpected challenges force us to choose a different path toward reaching our goal, it can be tempting to lose momentum, or even give up completely. In this session, flexibility and options for success are unlocked and explored, as Amelia shares stories and strategies centered around seeking new paths with confidence and creativity. Gone are the days when responding to challenges with a simple and rigid North, East, South West approach is acceptable, and here, Amelia empowers teams to unlock all directions of their compass through course-correction techniques to help navigate the roughest storms.

Weight & Balance: How to turn small shifts into massive results
In this insightful and actionable flight lesson, Amelia leads teams through an honest assessment of determining which practices, habits and limiting ideas can be shifted, consolidated or eliminated all together in order to fly further than ever imagined. This lesson packs an extra punch, as Amelia uses actual equipment from her custom designed 200 gallon auxiliary fuel tank from her global flight to emphasize the importance of prioritizing fuel over unnecessary baggage.

Plan for obstacles: The power of understanding worst case scenarios
Creating a well-researched plan for tackling potential pitfalls and challenges is an absolute must when exploring uncharted territory. Developing a deep understanding of what could go wrong when innovating and growing, boosts self-confidence, presence, and instills calmness in the face of adversity if and when they arrive. In stressful situations, our body’s hormone levels rise, affecting our thinking, perception, and memory retrieval. Through an in-depth breakdown of how and why pilots undergo open water survival training, Amelia explains how rehearsing for emergency situations in the professional environment can boost confidence, illuminate options and boost performance.

“Amelia takes the time to get to know the client and the audience she is speaking to. She went above and beyond our expectations.”

“You were amazing, your presentation was flawless and your story and message really resonated with their audience. You graciously answered every questions and provided great stories. They could have had you on for 2 hours!”

“Amelia was a terrific speaker. Poised, confident, energetic, fun and engaging. Her life story of how she had a focus and carried through while experiencing her own turbulence was very inspiring.”
– Rental Housing Association

“Our heartfelt THANK YOU to Amelia. She has surpassed our expectations. We keep hearing from our associates and sponsors how great the keynote address was today! And how tears were shed here and there.”
– The Plexus Groupe

“I thought she did a great job! I love how she was able to stay true to herself and use her pilot terminology but still relate it to what we are all experiencing in today’s world and with this pandemic, without constantly using the word “pandemic.” She brought so much energy, passion, and enthusiasm to the series! It was a pleasure working with her and I know our associates enjoyed hearing her speak.”
– Capital One

“Amelia really captured the theme of our event and made a meaningful connection with our audience. Days later, her presentation is still a conversation topic – and for good reason. Hers is an amazing story, and it was exceptionally told. Amelia – thanks for inspiring us to dare mighty things.”
– United Healthcare Provider Operations

“Amelia has emceed our Annual Awards Celebration for the past three years, and she always finds a way to elevate our event, making it special for our guests and honorees alike. Our event includes 500 attendees, including distinguished elected officials and business leaders from throughout the Denver metro area, and it’s important we put our organization’s very best foot forward. Amelia is an inspiring storyteller, articulate, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Amelia is also a pure joy to work with.”
– Denver Regional Council of Governments

“She was warm, passionate, enthusiastic and connected well with students.”
– Pennsylvania State University Abington

“Amelia provides inspiration for people of all ages to dream big and achieve their goals. Her words will motivate you to set and attain your highest potential through her journey of perseverance, grit and diligence.”
– United States Air Force Academy

“Not only was her story incredible, but her personal inner strength, and quite frankly guts through personal adversity, is truly inspiring.”
– Northrop Grumman Corporation

“She meshed with our group at our dinner. She spoke openly about her challenges in the flight. She had great photos as a part of the presentation.”
– Virginia Auto Dealers Association (VADA)

“Amelia did amazingly – both with her session and at the gala. I was also able to speak with her prior to her session and she is so personable and friendly!”
– Foundry

We were VERY pleased with Amelia Rose Earhart as a speaker for both our Leadership Workshop & Keynote event … Ms. Earhart was polished, professional & very engaging!! We would & will consider her for future events … She did outstanding & our events were a BIG success!
– Collins Aerospace

“Amelia has a wonderfully inspiring presentation that any audience would find engaging.”
– North Indiana Resources Association


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About Amelia's Flight Around The World

Since the first aircraft took flight in 1903, less than 30 women have ever been pilot in command of a flight around the world.

Amelia Rose Earhart made it her mission to join this illustrious group of female adventurers, including her namesake, Amelia Mary Earhart, by circling the globe in the Pilatus PC-12NG, a single engine turbo prop aircraft.

Over two years of route and logistical planning, extensive flight training, open water survival courses, fundraising for the Fly With Amelia Foundation, along with her team of nearly 100 people, all led to a successful and safe flight around the world that was tracked by millions.

Amelia and her co-pilot, Shane Jordan, both agree that the most incredible moment of the flight was over Howland Island, the tiny atoll where the original Amelia intended to land after her departure from Papua New Guinea. At that moment in the flight, they were able to award ten young women, from all across the US, flight training scholarships from the Fly With Amelia Foundation, in the amount of $7,500 each. 

At that moment, Amelia Rose Earhart and Amelia Mary Earhart’s vision for the empowerment of women in aviation came true, as one aviatrix picked up where the other left off.

Upon return to Oakland, CA, on the same runway where Amelia Mary departed in 1937, Amelia Rose Earhart touched down and learned who she was by honoring her namesake in the best way she knew how: by using a modern day aircraft to show young women of today that there are still adventures to be had and that they are allowed to live out their wildest dreams in any and every way they choose.

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Amelia's story of hard work, determination, and dedication resonates deeply with many audiences. Her story has been featured on major media outlets, such as CNN, The New York Times, and The Today Show, just to name a few. In addition, she has given her keynotes to a wide variety if audiences, including educational institutions, businesses, and others.

Fortune 500 Companies, The United States Air Force Academy, dozens of universities and civic organizations, just to name a few, have been impacted and thousands have been jolted awake by Amelia’s contagious enthusiasm for action, her raw and charming leadership style and her ability to take audiences along on their own flight around the world with her story.

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