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connection is everything.

In this industry, the connections you make and the relationships you maintain are key. We’re serious about what do here at Eagles Talent Speaker Management and have spent years building bridges of trust and friendship in the industry with bureaus, clients, and speakers all over the world.

our story

  • who are we?

Eagles Talent Management was started in 2014 under the umbrella of Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau — a full-service speakers bureau. We are honored to represent keynote speakers who inspire, educate, and entertain attendees all over the world. 

We believe in collaboration, transparency, and integrity, and are selective in the speakers we manage. We partner with professional speakers who are looking to build their business and establish a clearer brand to present to bureaus and buyers.  

  • what we do

Here at Eagles Talent Speaker Management, we realize that speakers are all different and bring something completely new to the table, whether it’s a topic they focus on or the clients they best cater to. We understand that the needs of all speakers are different, which is why we offer a wide range of services that can fit any speaker’s individual needs. Here are the management services we offer to professional speakers:

Calendar Management

We keep track of your calendars, including holds and booked events, to ensure that you are always in the right place at the right time. 

Event Management

We assist in handling your itinerary by ensuring that flights, ground travel, and hotel arrangements are booked ahead of time. This puts everyone on the same page. 

Climbing Upward

We want to help you to reach the top. We love being your partner and work on developing plans for speaker content (programs, videos, topics, marketing, etc), presentation delivery, and bookings.

Negotiation and Contracts

We negotiate potential speaking opportunities to ensure all events are legit and you have contract protection.

Speaker bureau Relationships

We help create connections between you and the speaker bureaus. This helps expand your reach as a speaker.

Professional Guidance

Because we have been in the industry a LOT of years, we can provide you with many of the DO’S AND DON’TS of the business (both on and off stage).

  • interested in being represented?

If you’re currently looking for representation, look no further! Eagles Talent Speaker Management is committed to working with you in this fast-paced industry. Submit your materials here:

  • our team

Sheldon Senek joined Eagles Talent in 2008 and is currently President Eagles Talent, helping to shape the vision of the company co-founded by Gil and Esther Eagles. His primary focus includes managing speakers and continuously finding better ways to connect with clients. He served as the President for IASB (International Association of Speakers Bureaus) and was the recipient of two IASB awards: The Dottie Walters “Helping Hands Award,” and The President’s Award.

Prior to Eagles Talent, he spent a decade working at Dramatists Play Service, Inc., a leading theatrical publishing company. During his time at Dramatists, he worked with an exclusive list of playwrights including Edward Albee, Terrence McNally, and Arthur Miller. He also served as the managing director for a Jersey City cultural arts center, handling events and entertainment.

In addition to his passion for the speakers bureau industry, Sheldon is a published and produced playwright. He has won numerous awards and has traveled to some of the best theatres and states in the country as a result.

Sheldon is originally from Ohio and still roots for his Cleveland teams. He loves cooking, playing piano, and theatre. He is married to his wife Krysta, and they have two wonderful children, Josephine and Sheldon.

Gia works closely with our clients and speakers, making sure their events run smoothly; primarily assisting Executive Vice President Sheldon Senek with our team of managed speakers. Gia also provides assistance with our marketing needs offering her skill set in graphics and layouts. <br><br>

She studied fine art throughout her schooling with a concentration in drawing and painting eventually graduating from Pratt Institute with an Interior Design Degree. Gia previously worked as a project manager for a custom design millwork company, honing her communication and organization skills.

Stephanie Guida is our content marketing creator.

Kristin is the Marketing Content Manager at Eagles Talent. She is responsible for creating, supporting and executing our marketing strategy across various channels. 

Prior to Eagles Talent, Kristin amassed tons of experience developing marketing strategies for a variety of brands across multiple industries. She takes pride in curating engaging and delicious content for audiences to devour.

Kristin graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Psychology. In her free time she enjoys cooking, traveling the world (32 countries and counting!), unapologetically rooting for the Knicks and spoiling her three beautiful nieces. 

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