Phil Hansen on How Creativity Changes With Age

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Children often see the world with brand new eyes, mainly because there is so much they have yet to see. They are curious about what the world has to offer. Adults, on the other hand, have seen far more and oftentimes are less enthused about what the future holds. So, this begs the question: Do we lose our creativity with age?

Internationally recognized multimedia artist Phil Hansen shared his thoughts on the topic in his latest video. Watch it below:

One main distinction between children and adults — besides the obvious physical characteristics — is mindset. In his video, Phil explains that adults have a lot more information stored in their minds whereas children might not have as much. Adults carry more responsibilities than children do, which often takes a toll on them as a whole.

Phil goes on to say that as we grow older, we face more pressure from society to act more mature and less childish, which can hinder our creativity. Adults also become bombarded by responsibilities and worries, leaving little to no room for creativity to thrive.

Phil’s final piece of advice is to remain open minded and explore as much as you can. You have more potential than you think and your creativity knows no bounds, even as an adult.

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