How These 3 Types of Keynote Speakers Can Enhance Your Event

When it comes to choosing a keynote speaker, there are many routes you can take to ensure the perfect fit for your event. Many keynote speakers are experts in a specific field and specialize in a range of topics. Knowing the focus and goals of the event can make it a lot easier for event planners to research and pinpoint speakers.

Continue reading for three different types of keynote speakers and how they can enhance your event. 

Keynote Speakers on Creativity & Innovation

You may find yourself asking, “What exactly can a speaker on creativity bring to my event?” The answer: a lot. A creativity & innovation keynote speaker can provide your audience with new insights and different perspectives on virtually any topic. Speakers who specialize in creativity use their fresh minds and innovative ideas to inspire audiences to reach new heights both personally and professionally.

Through his art, Phil Hansen has effectively shown audiences what one is capable of if they overcome the limitations they are faced with. After developing a tremor in his hand, Phil almost gave up on art until a doctor advised him to “Embrace the Shake.” Today, Phil teaches audiences everywhere the importance of embracing their shake, as well as working with one another to produce incredible results.

In a similar way, Gabe Zichermann uses his innovative experience and insights to teach audiences how technology can help them improve customer and employee engagement across the board. He also places a strong emphasis on failure and how embracing failure rather than running from it can put you one step closer toward achieving your goals. He teaches audiences that failure is not the be-all end-all and that there are valuable lessons to be learned from a failed venture.

Business & Leadership Keynote Speakers

When you’re the leader of a business, everyone is counting on you to call the shots and play a major role in bringing the company to success. Simply having the title of a leader is not enough — you must also act the part, which includes serving as a mentor for your team. Taking on the role of someone who can guide their team through bumps in the road can go a long way and can even promote a more unified team. Behind every successful team is a strong leader.

Stressing the importance of authenticity, leadership expert Dr. Todd Dewett teaches audiences that a strong leader is someone who shows their team their true self. Employees will see right through a disingenuous leader and as a result, lose respect for them. Dr. Dewett teaches attendees that being genuine and honest with your team will help you gain their trust and create a strong team ready to reach new heights.

As a former franchisee, Scott Greenberg uses his experience to teach audiences valuable lessons he learned from the business world. His goal is to help attendees elevate their businesses from average to extraordinary through excellent leadership, customer service, and employee engagement.

Women in Business Keynote Speakers

Because the automotive industry tends to be male-dominated, many women may feel left in the dark in this field. The same holds true in other fields that are dominated by men. Keynote speaker Lisa Copeland continuously advocates for female consumers and women entrepreneurs as she brings awareness to the inequality they experience. She speaks about the importance of hiring a diverse team, how businesses can build and advertise their brand, as well as the steps an organization can take to become a leader in their industry.

In 2012, Lisa led her team in breaking the NAFTA sales record by selling more than 100 new FIAT 500’s in one month. Today, Lisa uses that same energy to teach audiences how their businesses can stand out among the competition and break glass ceilings along the way. She motivates audiences to take risks and rise above the status quo.

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