Lisa Copeland’s New Book Is In The Works!

Sales strategist and business leader Lisa Copeland has created an empire for herself when it comes to marketing her brand. Through engaging social media posts, keynote speeches, and podcasts/talk shows, Lisa has built a loyal following for her brand.

Her latest venture is a new book called “Cars Her Way,” a practical guide to helping female consumers navigate the ins and outs of buying a car and working with car dealers. In a recent episode of “15 Minutes of Fierce,” Lisa shares the story of how she wrote her book in one day as well as the key messages she wants readers to take away:

Lisa Copeland’s goal is to guide female consumers — the number one consumer in the world — through the car buying process, which can introduce new challenges for women.

Writing a book is one of the best ways to promote your brand.

As an expert in all things sales and automotive, Lisa aims to share her expertise with the world through her new book. It’s 2019 and in order to build your brand or business, you must produce content that your audience can relate to.

Lisa argues that writing a book is a pretty solid route to take when it comes to promoting your brand. If you consider yourself an expert in your subject matter, you’re already halfway there since coming up with the topics that will fill your pages may come easily. One part you may find more difficult, however, is the writing process.

Speaking or Writing?

Even for the best authors, writing a book can take months or even years. According to Lisa, “Cars Her Way” took her a little over a weekend to complete. In her episode, Lisa highlights the steps she took to finish the book in so little time. While working on this project, Lisa found it easier to speak through her points and later transcribe them into text as opposed to writing from the very beginning.

As a keynote speaker, speaking comes naturally to Lisa and as a result, she felt more comfortable talking through her points. Lisa advises aspiring authors to give this method a try. If you are familiar with the subject you’re writing about, chances are the words will come right out and you’ll have a chapter complete in no time. Lisa experienced this firsthand when she was writing about how female consumers should should approach the process of buying a car.

Known as one of the top 100 women in the automotive industry, Lisa knows exactly what she’s talking about and aims to ensure that female consumers never feel alone when purchasing something as costly as a car.

Now… Go be fierce!

At the end of her episode, Lisa left the audience with some thinking points:

  • What is your superpower?
  • What is your area of expertise?
  • At what point are you going to share it with the world?

With these questions in mind, Lisa motivates audiences everywhere to make their mark, stand apart from the competition, and become strong leaders within their industry.

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