Scott Greenberg’s Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction

As a franchisee running two Edible Arrangements stores in Los Angeles, Scott Greenberg ran his businesses like anyone else would. He focused on selling a product, which, in his case, was fruit baskets. As a result, he mistakenly believed he was in the fruit basket business. It took a while before he realized that he was not solely a part of the fruit basket business, but he was actually in the happiness business.  

According to Scott, no matter what industry you are a part of, every single person works in the happiness business. What exactly does he mean by this? Watch the video below to find out:  

Many business leaders are unaware that they are in the happiness business so they place all of their attention on their product rather than their customers. Continue reading to learn how you can fully embrace your role in the happiness business and increase customer satisfaction.

Solve Your Customer’s Problem

Customers will come to your business with a problem and your first job is to solve that problem. Whether you run a real-estate business and you help your customer find a new home, or you sell car parts at an auto shop and you help them repair their car, your company’s main focus should be giving your customer the tools they need to solve their problem.

Meet Customer Needs

Meeting your customer’s needs should be another primary focus of your business. This step goes hand-in-hand with solving your customer’s problem. Your product or service should be suited to meet customer needs and assist them wherever they need assistance. It is your job to make sure of this and give each customer your full attention. Doing so will show them that they are important and that you are dedicated to meeting their needs.

Give Customers an Emotional Payoff

Besides giving your customer the products or services they need to solve their problem, you should also leave them with some kind of emotional payoff. A person’s feelings toward a product or service is ultimately what influences consumer behavior. Give them a positive emotion they can connect with your business or product, such as happiness or excitement, and they will be sure to return.

According to Scott, “Every transaction is an advertising opportunity.” Keep this in mind and do everything you can to keep customers satisfied. Not only will they gladly return in the future, but they may also spread the word about your business, which will bring you new customers.  

Book Scott Greenberg for Your Next Event

Scott Greenberg is a top franchise speaker dedicated to sharing the tools and tips necessary to succeed in any industry. His background in business and leadership allows him to fully understand what it takes to succeed as a franchisee, manager and customer service specialist. Scott’s insightful keynote will get your audience thinking about what they can do to move their business forward and enhance their leadership skills. If this sounds like the perfect addition to your event, please call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.


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