Todd Dewett’s Insights on Demotions, Regrets and Leadership

Top leadership keynote speaker Dr. Todd Dewett often speaks to audiences about topics related to the corporate world, such as leadership, management and how to create a strong work environment. Given his knowledge on these topics, it’s no surprise that Todd is often quoted in articles relating to similar matters.

Todd was recently featured in three articles for different publications in which he shared his thoughts on demotions, regrets and the signs of exceptional leadership:

Are demotions becoming more common?

How many times have you seen someone within your company get demoted to a lower position? Chances are, you haven’t witnessed such a thing since it tends to be a rare occurrence.

In an article for Fast Company titled “Are Demotions on the Rise?”, it is reported that 39 percent of demotions are due to poor performance. Todd argues that all demotions should be a last resort, not a hasty decision. If an employee is exhibiting poor performance, they should be “coached, developed, improved, or let go,” according to Todd. Employers should work on providing resources toward the development of these employees instead of being so quick to demote them.

There are some risks that come with demotions, so if an employee is not contributing their best to the team, it may be better to let them go. Todd advises employers to search for ways to solve the problem before making such a hasty decision. 

How to talk about a job you regret.

Let’s face it: You’re not going to love every single job you have. Talking about a job you regret can be difficult because you may not find anything nice to say about it, but at the same time, you shouldn’t insult the company you once worked for.

In a recent article for Moneyish, Todd shared tips on how you can put a positive spin on that job you wish you never took. Instead of focusing on what you disliked about the job, Todd says to hone in on the useful skills and concepts that you learned while on the job. He advises sticking to the positives rather than the negatives because what you say now could most definitely come back and haunt you in the future.     

Do you have a good boss?

When you receive feedback from someone, it usually helps you figure out what you should improve or change for the better. Without feedback, there’s no way you’ll grow and improve your skills.

In “17 Signs You Have a Great Boss” for Reader’s Digest, Todd cites consistent feedback — both positive and negative — as one of the signs of a good leader. By providing you with constructive criticism, your boss is giving you a chance to work on the things that need improvement rather than just throwing a negative performance review at you.

Another sign of a great boss, according to Todd, is when they let you know their expectations. Not to be confused with a micromanager, this type of boss will have a clear conversation with you to establish goals and discuss how to avoid obstacles that can get in the way of those goals. Keeping these expectations in mind will be helpful as you take on new projects, avoid confusion and perform your best in the workplace.         

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