3 Business Keynote Speakers for Your Next Corporate Event

Every corporate event has different needs and expectations to fulfill. As an event coordinator, it is essential to keep these in mind, especially when choosing a keynote speaker for the event. Continue reading for three speakers who specialize in different business areas and are sure to make your corporate event a success.

Lisa Copeland, Sales Expert

Lisa Copeland is one of the top 100 women in the automotive industry. Although she specializes in automotive, Lisa effectively teaches audiences how to succeed in any industry using her helpful tips and resources. Her diligence and hard work has earned her many awards and recognition. If there’s anyone who can teach your audience how to increase sales and achieve success in your industry, it’s sales expert Lisa Copeland.  

Why Book Lisa Copeland?

  • Shares the keys that led her to succeed in sales while driving an important message to attendees: “It’s about selling a movement, not a product.”
  • Teaches sales organizations the “3 P’s” — Purpose + People = Profits.
  • Book Lisa Copeland if you want your audience to learn how to deliver extraordinary sales results and reach the top.  

Scott Greenberg, Top Franchise Keynote Speaker

As a former franchisee himself, Scott Greenberg is more than familiar with important concepts like high-performance strategies and customer service. He owned and ran two Edible Arrangements franchises that won awards for “Best Customer Service” and “Manager of the Year” under his leadership.

Why Book Scott Greenberg?

  • Teaches attendees how to effectively lead their franchises to success.
  • Focuses on management, high-performance mindset and building a successful business.
  • His real-world experiences as a franchisee, business leader and cancer survivor lend credibility to his messages of peak-performance mindset, employee engagement and top-of-the-line leadership.

Dr. Todd Dewett, Professor of Authenticity and Leadership

Dr. Todd Dewett is the world’s leading expert on authenticity. His immersive and engaging keynote explores authenticity, leadership and corporate culture, among other key concepts. He leaves attendees motivated to reach their full potential and move their businesses forward.   

Why Book Dr. Todd Dewett?

Book Our Professional Keynote Speakers Today

If you’re in need of an engaging and insightful keynote speaker for your next corporate event, be sure to consider our top three business speakers, Todd Dewett, Lisa Copeland and Scott Greenberg. Visit eaglestalentmanagement.com for a complete list of our managed speakers who speak on a wide variety of topics and are perfect for any corporate event. Call 1.800.345.5607 for more information or to book a speaker for your event.


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