Scott Greenberg: Do You Operate Your Business with a Beginner’s Mindset

We all can get comfortable when running a business. Some call this complacency. This is when we take satisfaction a little too far and think what we have always done will always work. In the video below, Scott Greenberg talks about treating every day like it’s your first — in other words, having a beginning’s mindset.

Scott Greenberg shares, “The first time we do something, we’re focused. We’re careful. We take nothing for granted. That’s a useful perspetive. We learn the most with wide eyes and open minds.”

“Trusting too much of what you’ve learned in the past just might trap you there,” is what Scott reminds us.

Scott had first-hand experience in this while operating two Edible Arrangements.He understands the grind of repeating the positive things everyday, while figuring out how to rid of the negative things that bring down your mindset (and business).

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