The Buzz (Week 4)

We’re back this week for another installment of “The Buzz,” so let’s get right into it! This week features exciting happenings from Dr. Todd Dewett, Lisa Copeland and Scott Greenberg.   

Dr. Todd Dewett: New Learning Courses and LinkedIn Article

Dr. Todd Dewett began his week with the release of his latest LinkedIn Learning courses. The two new courses focus on issues you may encounter in your office. In “Pitching Your Ideas Strategically,” Todd teaches viewers how to effectively pitch their ideas to a manager, coworker or anyone in a business setting. His second course, “Creating a Keynote Presentation,” teaches viewers how to prepare and deliver an effective keynote. Todd said the latter was particularly exciting to work on because of his background as a keynote speaker.

Todd, however, did not stop there. Later in the week, he published an excerpt from his book, “The Little Black Book of Leadership,” on LinkedIn. In the article, he posed a simple yet intimidating question: “Manager or Leader?” The piece explored what the words manager and leader have come to mean and why the two terms are interchangeable, even though many believe the opposite.

Lastly, Todd recorded a special video message in which he crushed the widely believed myth that “Leaders are born, not made.” Take it from a top leadership speaker himself: Even if you aren’t born with it, you still have what it takes to be a great leader because leadership is a skill you develop — not an inherited trait.

Lisa Copeland Launches Binge TV Channel

“Unscripted With Lisa Copeland” is a new channel on Binge TV where users can find all of Lisa’s podcast and talk show episodes. Thanks to the new channel, “The Art of the Big Sell” and “Big Sellers Show” are now conveniently located in one easily accessible location. Viewers can watch Binge TV online, on a television (through outlets like Apple TV or Roku), or on a mobile device. So the next time you’re scrolling the web looking for something to watch, visit Lisa Copeland’s new channel, where you can find proven tips on how to achieve success and reach the top.    

Scott Greenberg Talks About Working in the Happiness Business

In a new video, Scott Greenberg informs viewers that no matter what kind of business they work for, whether it’s a flower shop or a real estate company, everyone works in the same business — the happiness business. This means that everyone’s job is to excel in customer service by solving the customer’s problem, meeting their needs, and providing them with an emotional payoff. He poses the question, “Do you know what business you’re really in?” and goes on to explain how everyone can fully embrace their role in the happiness business and increase customer satisfaction.   

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