4 Characteristics of a Successful Business

Competition is inevitable in the business world. No matter what industry you work for, you are bound to encounter competition at some point during your career. Scott Greenberg, top franchise speaker and former (franchise) business owner, experienced this first hand as the owner of two Edible Arrangements franchises in Los Angeles. Despite the competition he encountered, Greenberg was able to lead his franchises to success, winning the “Best Customer Service” and “Manager of the Year” awards out of 1,000+ franchises worldwide.

Continue reading to learn how to stand out among the competition and lead your own company to success.

1. Organization

One of the first steps toward getting your business organized is to create a business plan. Have a clear vision of what you want your company to look like and what you want to achieve. Set goals for your company and encourage employees to work toward those goals. Maintaining an environment full of goal-oriented employees will gradually lead your business to success as old goals are accomplished and new goals are formed.

2. Extraordinary Customer Service

Exhibiting good customer service isn’t enough in the business world. Your company should exhibit extraordinary customer service that makes them stand out from the rest of the competition. Know your customers, know what they want and, as a company, fully commit to delivering the best. In his keynote, Greenberg advises business owners and managers to serve their employees so they can serve customers. Act as a resource for your employees — they will begin seeing you as a mentor instead of an intimidating boss. As a result, they will translate this service from their employer into positive customer service to the public.

3. Take Risks

It may be easy to buy into the myth that change is scary and can disrupt the natural flow of things. As a business owner, however, you should not be afraid to take risks and change the order of things. Some companies see their best results after revising procedures and coming up with new ideas.

As the owner of Edible Arrangements franchises, Greenberg trained his employees to ask customers, “How many people do you want to feed?” when ordering their fruit baskets. Upon realizing that his company played a major role in celebrations, Greenberg then changed the question to, “How important is the event?” After changing the emphasis from quantity to the actual event itself, Greenberg recalls that sales rose about 20 percent. This goes to show how far one small change can take your business.

4. Maintain a “High-Performance Mindset”

Mindset is one of the most important characteristics of a successful business. Our internal thoughts play a major role in influencing our external results. Because of this, having a negative mindset will result in negative results while having a positive mindset will result in positive results. Maintaining a high-performance mindset will continuously motivate you and your employees to work hard toward your full potential. In his “High-Performance Mindset” program, Greenberg encourages attendees to replicate this mindset, as well as other strategies of effective leaders.  

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