How Leaders Can Push Their Teams to be More Authentic

As a leader, you want your team to be as authentic as possible because they are the ones interacting with customers whether they are making sales, advertising products or addressing customer concerns. You want their customer service skills to be top-notch, yet you’re not 100 percent sure how to make that happen. You may even find yourself asking the same question everyday: How can I push my team to be more authentic?

In today’s video, Dr. Todd Dewett addresses the importance of authenticity in the workplace. He provides helpful tips leaders can follow to help their teams learn the importance of authenticity and start practicing it themselves.

1. Be an authentic leader.

Practicing authenticity shows others that although you are a professional in the corporate world, you are a human being before anything else. Being authentic means to be real. Practicing authenticity will allow others to see the human side of you, which will allow them to relate to you better. As a result, you will build trust with your team.

2. Become a role model for your team.

At the end of the day, leaders model the way. Become a role model for your team and show them exactly what you’re looking for in an employee. For example, if you want your team to be more authentic, you must first show them that you are authentic. Model the way and show your team the type of behavior you would like them to exhibit.

3. Find new ways to relate to your team.

If you make an effort to relate to your team, they will begin seeing you as a mentor or guide rather than an intimidating boss. One way to do this is by taking some time to talk about mistakes you’ve made and what you’ve learned from them. Nobody is perfect and by showing employees that you are no different than them, you will gain their trust. As a result, the dynamic of your workplace will change for the better and success for your business will follow.

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Although it may sound like a simple task, being completely authentic doesn’t always come easy. If you and your team are struggling with the practice of authenticity, Todd Dewett is the perfect speaker to provide some guidance. He will encourage your team to embrace their true selves and teach them how to translate this into the workplace, which can lead to numerous benefits for your company. If you think Todd would be the perfect addition for your next event, call 1.800.345.5607 for more information on how to book him.


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