Todd’s Tips: Don’t be Afraid to Show Your Ink

Over the years, “Show Your Ink” has become a motto for keynote speaker and best-selling author Dr. Todd Dewett. Not only is it one of the key messages he shares with his audiences, but it is also the name of the book he published in 2014, which includes stories about leadership and life.

You may be wondering, “What does it really mean to show your ink?” Luckily, Todd is here with a video message in which he explains the meaning behind his motto and how you can integrate it into everyday life.

Continue reading for the steps you can take to start showing your ink: 

Always use your best judgement.

It may sound simple and downright obvious, but people often forget to use their best judgement and common sense when interacting with others in the workplace. While the goal is to be authentic, you should also use your best judgement to avoid taking it too far, especially in a professional setting.

Some touchy subjects you may want to steer clear of are religion and politics, Todd says. These types of conversations can become unpredictable and may take a turn for the worse, so you should try to avoid them altogether in the workplace.    

Be authentic.

Authenticity and honesty lead to better relationships with others because people may trust you more if they feel like they can relate to you. Todd’s advice is to be a great performer and project exactly the type of person you wish to be perceived as. Be as authentic as you can while keeping your best judgement and common sense at the forefront.

Take small steps toward success.

You shouldn’t dive right into full-fledged authenticity because it may get in the way of professionalism — and you should always maintain a professional environment in the workplace. Instead of diving headfirst, take gradual steps toward authenticity. Start by being just a little bit more personal with coworkers or employees every once in a while — not everyday. Doing this gradually will allow them to trust you more and see that they can be authentic too.

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Todd Dewett is a top leadership speaker who specializes in authenticity and corporate culture, among many other topics. During his keynote, attendees will learn the importance of being open and authentic, as well as how they can excel in leadership. If you are looking to book Todd for your upcoming event, please call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.  


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