3 Keynote Speakers for University Events

When planning an event, different event types call for different keynote speakers. Planning a corporate event entails choosing a speaker who is well-versed in business matters, such as team building or leadership, whereas planning a university event will require a speaker who specializes in topics that are more relatable to college students, such as overcoming obstacles or goal setting.

Here are three of our very own keynote speakers who will motivate your university audience to work hard and persevere until the very end.  

Amelia Rose Earhart

To ensure a smooth flight from start to finish, a pilot must create a flight plan, which will guide them through bumpy skies. Although university students may not be planning to fly an airplane anytime soon, Amelia Rose Earhart uses her experience as an around-the-world pilot to spread her message of overcoming turbulence while relating to attendees who are facing their own obstacles.  

Value of the Keynote

  • Teaches attendees how to create a flight plan for success.
  • Emphasis on goal setting, embracing obstacles and achieving goals.
  • Motivates attendees to become the pilots of their own lives and realize they are more than capable of overcoming obstacles if they learn to love the turbulence.

Matt Mayberry

College students are often faced with obstacles in the form of deadlines, tough classes, and issues with time management, to name just a few. After sustaining a career-ending injury that prevented him from continuing his career as an NFL linebacker, Matt Mayberry has definitely overcome his share of obstacles and knows what it’s like to feel the pressure that comes with challenges. He uses his keynote to spread a message of peak performance and transformational leadership that is sure to stick with attendees throughout their college careers.

Value of the Keynote

  • Teaches attendees to overcome obstacles by turning them into opportunities.
  • Uses his personal story to show others that it is possible to overcome even the toughest of obstacles.
  • Emphasis on transformational leadership, peak performance and overcoming adversity.

Mallory Brown

As a global humanitarian and world traveler, Mallory Brown advocates for different groups in an effort to help them no matter what obstacles they are facing. Take her Walk a Mile initiative, for example. Mallory recognized the issue of widespread poverty — specifically, poverty among working women in third-world countries. She is currently working toward sharing the stories of working women around the world while raising money for them as well.

Value of the Keynote

  • Take the Road Less Traveled (for universities) is a keynote tailored specifically for college students searching for their purpose.
  • Advice on entrepreneurship and behind-the-scenes of starting a business.
  • Find the connection between your passions and career.
  • Emphasis on setting dreaming big, setting goals and working for a greater cause.

Book an Inspiring Keynote Speaker Today

Amelia Rose Earhart, Matt Mayberry and Mallory Brown all share a message of overcoming obstacles, which is something college students can relate to since they are faced with many challenges during their years as a student. These speakers prove that it’s possible to overcome absolutely anything, which is a helpful thing to hear when you are surrounded by challenges. To search for more insightful speakers or for more information on how to book a keynote speaker for your next event, please visit eaglestalentmanagement.com or call 1.800.345.5607. 


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