4 Tips for Starting Your Own Business

In 2010, global humanitarian Mallory Brown founded World Clothes Line, a clothing company that aimed to “clothe the world” and aid those living in poverty. Mallory was able to reach her goal by donating one item of clothing per every item the company sold. As a result, donations were made to people in need across 17 countries.

When looking to start your own business, there are many things you must take into consideration before you even launch your products. Whether you’re thinking of opening a restaurant, clothing company or anything else, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Begin by Brainstorming

What kind of business are you looking to start? Think long and hard about this question and research your idea thoroughly to ensure there is a market for the product you are trying to sell. This step is essential because without a viable market, who will buy your product?  

Formulate a Business Plan

This is where you will iron out logistics, such as costs, locations, customer types, legal requirements and other related matters. Come up with an organized and realistic business plan that you can use as a blueprint or guide. You may also want to ask yourself if you would like your business to work for some charitable cause. This is something to consider since it can possibly give you a leg up and help you stand out among your competition.

Plan for the Worst, But Hope for the Best

Have a backup plan ready just in case things go awry. Plan for any worst case scenario you can think of, such as losing money. Doing so will allow you to be prepared if you were to ever encounter that kind of situation. Although you are preparing for the worst, remember to keep your eye on the prize and aim for the best. Maintaining a positive peak-performance mindset will keep you moving forward while performing your best.

Put Yourself Out There

Spreading the word about your business through marketing efforts will ensure that others know what you’re all about. This can increase your chances of attracting new customers and meeting your business’ goals. If you don’t put yourself out there, no one will know about your business, which will negatively impact sales as a result. Don’t be afraid to make yourself known. In fact, you should make every effort to make your business known. Doing so may increase your chances at success.

Book Global Humanitarian Mallory Brown Today

Mallory Brown speaks on a wide variety of topics, including entrepreneurship and social causes, among many others. The combination of philanthropy and business often leaves a strong impact on attendees. They leave Mallory’s keynote motivated to achieve their professional goals and make a difference in the world through their business. If you are interested in booking Mallory for your next event, please call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.  


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