Todd Dewett Makes a Case for Authenticity

Since even before his days as an established keynote speaker, Dr. Todd Dewett has been known to advocate for the use of authenticity in the workplace and in everyday life. He makes a strong case for authenticity in his keynotes and encourages business leaders everywhere to begin practicing it in all aspects of their life.

In February, Todd took his case for authenticity from the stage to the page when he contributed to Jonathan Low’s “The Gurubook,” a collection of articles and interviews about leadership and success. Todd’s article can be found on Manage Magazine’s website.

Continue reading for some highlights and key takeaways.

Authenticity Helps Leadership “Spring to Life”

If you’re looking to become a better leader for your team, being honest and, above all, real will help you do just that. Being open with those around you can be scary at times, but the benefits definitely outweigh the fear. Being authentic allows you to build trust with your team, which will encourage them to be authentic as well. An authentic team will take your business to new heights and success will follow suit.

Learn to Crush Your Fears

As humans, we are taught to fear things like failure and setbacks. If executed incorrectly, there is a chance that practicing authenticity can produce an undesirable result. This is especially true when the lines between personal and professional become blurred, which you should avoid at all costs.

Despite this, Todd argues, we should embrace failure and mistakes as a “positive part of the learning process.” Furthermore, these things will only help you become more authentic. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, so one small misunderstanding will not mark the end of your success. Instead, it will show others that you are human, which is what authenticity is all about.

Embracing Authenticity Leads to Success

Todd writes, “Your authenticity journey is a marathon, not a sprint.” Take it slow, don’t rush things and learn to embrace authenticity. Changing the way you view authenticity will allow you to embrace it. As a result, you will no longer view being authentic as a scary and risky action. Once you embrace authenticity and begin practicing it, you will begin to see how amazing the results can be.

Be sure to read the full article, “The Case for Authenticity,” in Manage Magazine.

Book Todd Dewett to Keynote Your Next Event

Widely known as the “Professor of Authenticity,” Dr. Todd Dewett has a plethora of lessons on authenticity, leadership and corporate culture up his sleeve. If you’re looking for a keynote speaker who will teach your audience how to brush up on any of the above skills, Todd is perfect speaker for your event. For more information or to book Todd, please call 1.800.345.5607.


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