4 Reasons to Choose a Speaker on Overcoming Adversity

Everyone faces challenges at some point in their career. Sometimes, you may need a little push to send you in the right direction. Even though it may feel like something you will never overcome, it is important to remember that you have the capability to overcome any obstacle. Speakers who specialize in overcoming adversity will remind your audience just that and share valuable lessons they have learned from their own hardships.

1. They will emphasize the importance of turning limitations into opportunities.

If you don’t look for opportunities in the challenges you’re faced with, how will you ever move forward? If you ignore the possibilities, you will find yourself stuck in a negative and dormant state. Phil Hansen didn’t let this happen to him when he suffered nerve damage to his hand. Instead, he saw this limitation as an opportunity to continue his art rather than allow his injury to slow him down.

Why Book Phil Hansen?

By hearing Phil’s personal story and accomplishments, attendees will learn how to embrace their own obstacles and the opportunities they can make from it. His collaborative art experience (add-on cost to the keynote) serves to show audiences the importance of teamwork. Everything will come together once attendees see the massive art piece created from each individual’s work of art.

2. Attendees will learn valuable life lessons from someone who has been through it themself.

Often times, you may come across a challenge that is completely out of your control. This is exactly what happened to Matt Mayberry when his injury prevented him from beginning his season with the Chicago Bears. Like Matt, you may face a work challenge that you can’t seem to overcome. A speaker who has experienced a life-changing obstacle will teach attendees that although it may seem impossible, it is more than possible to pick yourself back up and overcome whatever you are faced with.

Why Book Matt Mayberry?

While Matt did face a dark time after his life-changing injury, he tells attendees the story of how he picked himself back up. When he is speaking on stage, Matt proves himself to be a living example that it is possible to overcome any obstacle that has thrown you completely off-course. Attendees will take away valuable life lessons and advice from Matt’s insightful keynote.

3. They may share their personal story in hopes of inspiring attendees.

A speaker who has overcome adversity should be proud of their accomplishments and what they did to come this far. For this reason, many often share their own story as part of their keynote. Stephanie Decker is an exceptional example of someone who turned their hardship into something positive. After becoming a double amputee, she dedicated her life to giving back to the amputee community through the Stephanie Decker Foundation.

Why Book Stephanie Decker?

Stephanie’s heroic story of saving her children at the cost of losing both of her legs speaks volumes about her character. Although the tornado was a major obstacles in her life, she was able to turn it into something positive. Book her for your next event and she will inspire your audience to create positive change from any situation.

4. Attendees will learn proven techniques they can use to overcome their own obstacles.

By hearing the stories of keynote speakers and the adversity they overcame, attendees will be given the tools they need to overcome the challenges they are faced with. They will learn from people who have been through their own hardships and came out stronger than before. In her keynote, Amelia Rose Earhart teaches attendees how to create their own flight plan for success, ensuring that they leave with the resources they need to be successful.

Why Book Amelia Rose Earhart?

Amelia’s flight around the world is a prime example of what you can achieve with the right planning and mindset. In her keynote, Amelia will teach your audience the importance of setting goals, creating a business plan and following through.     

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