The Buzz – Week 6

We are in full swing here at Eagles Talent and so are our managed speakers! The Buzz is back this week with more updates on our speakers and their latest projects. Continue reading for some exciting projects that our managed speakers have been working on lately:

Amelia Rose Earhart Interviewed for Boise Weekly

In anticipation of her keynote address to attendees of the Boise Metro Chamber’s 135th Annual Gala, Amelia Rose Earhart sat down for an interview with Boise Weekly, a newspaper based in Idaho.

In the interview, Amelia spoke about overcoming challenges, leaving a legacy, finding her own path and embracing her name, despite the high expectations that came with it. She also recalled the obstacles she has faced on her way to becoming a pilot, including gender inequality and the backlash she faced upon revealing that she was not related to Amelia Mary Earhart as she once believed.

Phil Hansen’s Latest Art Project

Known for his use of different media to create unique art pieces, Phil Hansen’s latest project, Earth Post Mortem, includes the use of twigs and branches to recreate Victorian death photos. These photographs from the Victorian era often feature a family beside their deceased loved one. The deceased, however, is not photographed in their coffin. Instead, they are posed either sitting up or lying down beside their family.

In his blog, Phil noted the shock many people exhibit upon learning about this practice. However, he related it to the similar practice of people posing for pictures with dying natural life, such as coral reefs, wondering if future generations would find it just as strange.

The full video and photographs of the artwork can be found on Phil’s blog.

Lisa Copeland Talks About Crushing Mediocrity in a New Interview

In a recent interview with SalesPOP, an online magazine geared toward those in the sales industry, Lisa Copeland spoke about what it means to crush mediocrity and find your purpose in order to achieve success. While speaking of its importance, Lisa also gave insight on the dangers of mediocrity and how it can negatively affect you and your business.

In the interview, Lisa gave the audience a few tips on how they can work on crushing mediocrity once and for all. One of the most important steps, she says, is to know your purpose. If you don’t know your purpose, who will? Another key step is to challenge yourself and exit your comfort zone. This, she says, will help your business rise above the competition.

Todd Dewett Quoted in Multiple Publications

Within the past few weeks, authenticity expert Todd Dewett has been quoted in three articles across different publications. Each article focuses on a separate business topic or issue, including demotions, past jobs and characteristics of a good boss. As a leadership expert, Todd was able to provide useful insight in all articles and help readers learn more about management and leadership. To read more of Todd’s thoughts and insight on these business topics, click here.

Stay Tuned for More of The Buzz

Keep up to date on our managed speakers by looking out for our weekly blog posts, detailing exciting updates about our speakers, as well as tips and how-to blogs. We’ll be back soon with more of “The Buzz.”

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