How to Effectively Market Your Brand and Increase Sales


If you’re looking to get your business’ new product or service out there, you must have some kind of strategy under your belt. No matter what industry you work in, it is important to market yourself in the best way possible to ensure positive exposure. Without some kind of marketing efforts, your content will not be seen by as many eyes as you aimed for.

Award-winning sales strategist Lisa Copeland knows just what it takes to build your brand using effective marketing strategies. By doing so herself, she has built an empire of loyal followers. Here are some of the steps Lisa has taken to successfully build her brand and some tips on how you can do the same:

Be active on social media.

On Twitter alone, Lisa has 13,000 followers. On Facebook, she has over 16,000 likes. And on Instagram, she has an impressive 12,000 followers. These numbers didn’t just happen overnight. When it came to establishing a following for herself, Lisa worked hard and was able to dominate social media.

One mistake many people make on social media is lack of consistency. Posting too much or too little are both issues that can lead to a decrease in followers, which is the last thing you want if your goal is to build up your brand. In this case, one useful strategy is to maintain a healthy balance in regard to how often you post, as well as what kind of content you post. Save your posts for peak hours when many people are online — this will give your post a greater chance of being seen by more eyes.

Engage with your audience.

When it comes to how you present yourself on social media, you may want to take note from those with a high follower count. These social media personalities often engage with their audience, whether they pose thought-provoking questions or ask followers to participate in an activity, such as a poll. This not only keeps followers entertained, but it also assures their interest and engagement with your content.

In a similar light, you should engage with your own followers on social media. Although there are many ways to do this, one of the most common ways is to simply like, share and reply to posts. This will keep followers entertained, engaged and eager for more content. People enjoy being able to relate to others, so doing these three things may create an even deeper connection between you and your followers. As a result, they will continue to follow you and look out for new content.

Consistently share new content.

If you don’t want your content to disappear into the depths of the internet, you should commit to consistently sharing new and exciting content, such as blogs, videos, articles, and anything else you work on. Once you have established a strong following for your brand, you’ll have a new platform on which you can promote your content — your social media channels.

Take Lisa, for example. Her social media posts are consistent and diverse. She uses social media as a way to effectively market her brand by sharing everything from inspirational quotes to photos from her latest speaking engagements. In addition, all new episodes of her “Big Sellers Show” are posted directly to her Facebook page, providing quick and easy access for her followers to view as they please. As seen through Lisa’s continued success, using social media to your advantage can provide your brand with the boost it needs.

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