Lisa Copeland Talks Crushing Mediocrity in New Interview

Early last week, sales expert and keynote speaker Lisa Copeland sat down for an interview with SalesPOP, an online magazine with the goal of empowering those in the sales industry. During the interview, Lisa gave her expertise on how mediocrity negatively affects businesses, as well as how to crush mediocrity in its tracks.

Continue reading for some highlights and tips from the top sales expert herself:

Know Your Purpose

“If you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, then other people don’t know either,” Lisa said in the interview. Think about it: If customers don’t know your company’s purpose, why would they choose you over your competition? It may sound daunting but without a purpose, it can seem like your company doesn’t have much to offer.

For some, finding their purpose was a difficult task. Lisa, however, recalls knowing her purpose right off the bat — to “revolutionize the auto industry” while empowering women and minorities in the auto industry.

Take some time to think about what your purpose truly is. Once you do this, follow through with hard work and dedication. Success will follow.

Challenge Yourself

Getting out of your comfort zone is another major step you must take in order to rise above the rest. If you stay within your comfort zone, chances are you will remain a part of the status quo. How will this help your business rise above?  

Lisa advises taking gradual steps. You don’t need to jump out of your comfort zone all at once. By taking slow but sure steps to exit your comfort zone, you will learn to fear less. Don’t get this confused with being fearless, however. Lisa warns viewers that fearlessness is often mistaken with recklessness, which may not be the image you want to project.

Crush Mediocrity

In today’s world, mediocrity has, unfortunately, become the norm. Mediocrity is all about staying right where you are rather than trying to go the extra mile and reach new heights. Being mediocre can be detrimental to you, your business or your brand because you will choose to blend right in with everyone else rather than putting yourself out there. It is up to you to rise above the norm, rise above the status quo and crush mediocrity once and for all. 

Watch Lisa’s full interview with SalesPOP here.  

Book Sales Expert Lisa Copeland

“It isn’t what you sell — it’s what you stand for.” This is one of the insightful messages Lisa sends to audiences everywhere. She is a motivational and high-energy keynote speaker who is sure to inspire your audience to reach their full potential and go the extra mile when it comes to achieving success. For more information on Lisa’s fees and availability, please call 1.800.345.5607.


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