Phil Hansen Completes Skull Chair Art

Just in time for Halloween, multimedia artist Phil Hansen recently revealed the completion of an ongoing project he has been working on: a massive skull chair titled, “Sitting in our Future Alone (aka Skull Chair).” Though it may be spooky in appearance, the cranium-shaped chair makes for a unique work of art turned furniture.

For this project, Phil explored an area that was completely new to him: creating furniture. Known for taking risks and being as innovative as possible, it was not unlike Phil to tread new waters and work on a project unlike anything he’s worked on before.

Phil’s skull chair is large in size and provides the perfect nook for getting away for a bit and enjoying some time apart from others. When building the chair, Phil kept the idea of solitude in mind as he appropriately named the piece, “Sitting in our Future Alone.”

Watch the video below to see how Phil’s one-of-a-kind skull chair came to life:

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Through the execution and creation of his unique and innovative ideas, Phil Hansen has learned exactly how to overcome any obstacle that threatens to hinder creativity. He uses this as the driving force for many of his keynotes and encourages his audience to “Embrace the Shake” and turn any of their limitations into opportunities for success. For Phil’s fees and availability, please call us at 1.800.345.5607.




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