How to Pick the Perfect Keynote Speaker

How to pick the perfect speaker seems like a million dollar question. However, the answers, when talking to professionals, are pretty sensible. Sheldon Senek, president of Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau and Speaker Management recently provided some insight for Corporate & Incentive Travel magazine. This publican’s focus is providing it’s readers, many professional meetings and events planners, with useful tips and news on the meetings and hospitality industry.

Sheldon, also a past president of IASB (International Association of Speakers Bureaus), and fellow industry members share some helpful ideas when it comes to having a resource to finding speakers, evaluating speakers, and working with a budget. Working with a trusted speaker’s source is extremely important — speaker bureaus and speaker management companies often know the best speakers, knowing who can hit a home run, which can save a ton of time, which equals money, for meeting planners (who have numerous duties when it comes to putting together an event). Using a speakers bureau professional can be the difference of wasted time and money, and lack of protection for things that go wrong. Sure, maybe your neighbor (a professional tree cutter) took an intro to medicine class, but how do you feel if this person is performing surgery on you (I know, kind of extreme example).

Thank you so much to Corporate & Incentive Travel and David Swanson for great article.

For more information on working with a speakers bureau, you can visit our parent company, Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau. For information on the inspiring keynote speakers that we manage, like Phil Hansen, Amelia Rose Earhart, Stephanie Decker, Scott Greenberg, Mallory Brown, connect with us here


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