Creative Side for Amelia Rose Earhart, Inspiring Keynote Speaker and Pilot

Amelia Rose Earhart, a inspiring keynote speaker, known for her flight around the world five years ago, following the flight path of her namesake, Amelia Mary Earhart, can now add artist to the list of her accomplishments. Amelia has been diving into expressionism paintings — which many say appear to look like images of looking down from the sky when flying — almost like Google Earth.

Recently, Amelia displayed some of her work in Atchison, Kansas, at the Amelia Earhart Airport, which is extremely fitting. In addition, in behind her art display, was the last known surviving Lockheed Electra Model 10-E aircraft, the same type the late Earhart flew in during her final journey. Click here for the local Kansas news story on her art show.

Follow Amelia’s art and her speaking on Instagram @ameliaroseearhart

Much like her namesake, Amelia Rose Earhart spends much of her time traveling as well — except you will often find Amelia Rose at conferences and conventions doing keynotes for corporate groups and associations. Her keynotes are often geared towards actionable ideas on how to be a better leader and team member. The key takeaways of her talk are:

1. Learn to take a pilot’s perspective
2. Importance of course correction and navigation
3. Learn to love the turbulence

To learn how to inspire your corporate team with Amelia Rose Earhart, contact Eagles Talent Speaker Management.

Amelia Rose Earhart: Extended Keynote Clips from Keep On Speaking On on Vimeo.


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