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Our talented roster of speakers each specialize in their own areas, whether it’s business, art or technology, for example. In addition, each of our speakers is well-equipped to accommodate various audience and event types. Among these is women’s empowerment, which tends to be popular among women’s conferences and organizations. Continue reading to learn more about three amazing women who actively work to empower other women through their inspiring keynotes.

Amelia Rose Earhart

The aviation industry is a male-dominated field with female pilots accounting for only six percent of the total pilot population, according to Women in Aviation International (WAI). Around-the-world pilot Amelia Rose Earhart is a part of that six percent and actively works to increase the amount of women working in aviation. Through her Fly With Amelia Foundation, she provides young girls with the resources they need to achieve their dream of becoming pilots. Amelia has countless accomplishments under her belt and her story is one of determination, hard work and courage.

Learning to Love the Turbulence

Flying at great heights of 30,000+ feet in altitude, pilots encounter all sorts of turbulence on their flights. According to Amelia, the only planes that don’t encounter turbulence are the ones that remain on a hanger. Likewise, the only people who don’t encounter obstacles are the ones who remain in their comfort zone.

In her keynote, Amelia reminds attendees that although they may encounter obstacles when working toward their goals, it is important to embrace the turbulence rather than letting it throw them off-course. After all, turbulence is just a part of the ride and by learning to love the turbulence you will be back on track in no time. Amelia encourages attendees to create their own flight plan, which they can use to work toward their personal or professional goals.  

Lisa Copeland

Another field that is typically male-dominated is the automotive industry. Named one of the Top 100 Women in Automotive, Lisa Copeland proves that women are more than capable of achieving success in this field. Lisa is a sales expert and best-selling author focused on teaching her audiences how to succeed in sales. Lisa provides various learning resources, including podcasts, books and training courses that anyone can use to get ahead in the game. She is unapologetically fierce and teaches attendees that they too can be fierce and break glass ceilings along the way.

Crushing it in Business

In her keynotes, Lisa teaches attendees how to crush fear and self-doubt in order to stand out among the competition. She shares strategies and tips on how to rise above the status quo and emerge as the best. Lisa is passionate about women’s empowerment and often speaks to women’s organizations and conferences about how they can break down barriers.  

Mallory Brown

Mallory Brown is a keynote speaker, humanitarian and impact storyteller focused on advocating for the causes she holds close to her. She has often served as a voice for those who are not always heard by many. Currently, Mallory is traveling the world as part of her Walk a Mile initiative through which she aims to raise awareness for working women living in poverty around the world.    

Lessons Learned From a Mud Hut (For Women’s Events)  

Mallory’s keynotes are tailored for various audience types, but Lessons Learned From a Mud Hut is one she created with a specific group in mind — women. In this keynote, Mallory teaches attendees how to use their femininity to their advantage, why sharing their genuine voice is the key to success, and stories of working women around the world and why it’s important to invest in them. Among the different audience types Mallory works with, she is very popular with women’s conferences/events.   

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Amelia, Lisa and Mallory are all passionate about empowering women so they can succeed in business and in life. They each lead by example and use their personal experiences to teach others how to reach the top and create a meaningful career. If you are interested in booking any of our speakers for an upcoming event, call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.  


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