3 Reasons a Sports Speaker Can be Perfect for Your Next Event

Sports and the corporate world do not often go hand-in-hand. In fact, they are often seen as two completely different spheres that never seem to intermingle. Because of this, many people may discredit a sports speaker when choosing someone to provide the keynote address for their corporate event. 

We’re here to tell you that although your event may be totally unrelated to sports, a sports speaker can add a completely new element that you didn’t even know your event needed.   

1. They will keep your audience energized.

Sporting events are full of energy, excitement and anticipation. By hiring a sports speaker for your next event, you will be providing your audience with a similar environment. Sports speakers know what it takes to keep an audience on their toes and energized for an extended amount of time, whether it’s a half-hour or hour long presentation. A sports speaker will find new and exciting ways to keep your audience energized until the very end. 

2. A speaker with a background in sports knows the importance of teamwork.

Teamwork is an essential element in just about any sport you can think of. It is important to remember that teamwork is not just important in sports. Teamwork is essential in various aspects of life, including in the workplace. For a team to succeed, all of its members must be on the same page and work together toward a common goal. A sports speaker will encourage your audience to work together with the sole purpose of moving your company forward.  

3. A sports speaker will remind your audience that they are capable of persevering in the face of any challenge.

Matt Mayberry is a former NFL linebacker who is now an inspiring keynote speaker. After he was signed by the Chicago Bears, Matt suffered a life-changing and career-ending injury. In his keynote, Matt shares his story of overcoming adversity and how he came to achieve success.

Like Matt, a sports speaker will use their knowledge and experience to share important values and life lessons with your audience. Sports speakers will add new insights, values and energy to any corporate event.

Book Matt Mayberry Today

A business functions a lot like a sports team in that it needs 110 percent from every single player. Matt Mayberry is the perfect speaker to drive this point to your audience and make them recognize the importance of teamwork in a business setting. He offers a variety of keynotes focused on leadership, goal setting, overcoming adversity and peak performance, among others. For more information on how to book Matt for your next event, please call 1.800.345.5607.


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