How to Choose the Perfect Keynote Speaker for Your Event

Organizing an event can be difficult — after all, there are so many elements that come into play when coordinating your event. One factor you may have the most trouble with is choosing the right speaker. Although this task may seem daunting, we are here to help. Here are a few tips to help you let go of your worries and choose a speaker who will add the perfect touch to your event.

Identify the main purpose of your event.

First and foremost, you must familiarize yourself with what kind of event you are working with. This should make it easier to find a speaker who will fit right in with your theme, relate better to your audience and send a strong message.

For example, if you are organizing a women’s conference, you’ll want a speaker who specializes in women’s issues and women’s empowerment, not simply a generalized motivational speaker. Speakers who motivate audiences are great for any event, however, it is even more effective to find a speaker who specializes in your event’s specific topic or theme.  

Consider what you hope to achieve through your event.

Do you want to help employees work on team building techniques or do you want them to sharpen their leadership skills? Are you looking to increase awareness of your business to the general public or are you more focused on organizing your business from the inside?

These are all questions you should ask when deciphering the goal of your event or conference. Although it may seem tedious, answering questions such as these will give you a precise mental image of what kind of speaker you need.

If you are looking to help your team build leadership skills and maximize performance, a leadership speaker or peak performance strategist may be what you need. If your goal is to motivate your audience to overcome obstacles, you may go a completely different route.

Research potential keynote speakers.

Identifying your event’s purpose and goals should help you narrow down what kind of speaker to include in your event. Once you’ve completed those steps, you may begin searching for speakers. Research a handful of speakers that specialize in the area that your event is focused on, whether it’s a leadership speaker, creative speaker or empowering motivational speaker. Visit their website, watch live footage of their keynotes and read testimonials or reviews. If you’re interested, get in contact with a speakers bureau or agent to address any questions or concerns you have. This will help you narrow down your choices significantly.

Secure a keynote speaker.

You know what your event is all about, you’ve done your research and you’ve (hopefully) narrowed it down to one engaging and insightful keynote speaker. Once you’ve overcome any hurdles and spoken with the appropriate parties (e.g. agents, speakers bureaus and/or the speaker themself) about logistics and paperwork, you should be all set! Be sure to keep in touch with your event manager as the date approaches to ensure that everything is in order for your event to go smoothly.

Book a Keynote Speaker Today

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