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The sales industry is a competitive market with thousands of people who share the same goal of getting their product out there and making sales. Although you may find it difficult to get your foot in the door and become a top salesperson, Lisa Copeland offers a wide range of resources that can help you achieve just that. Each resource listed below provides insight, strategies and tips that will help you advance your sales career and reach the top.

“The Art of the Big Sell” Podcast

In her podcast, Lisa brings on special guests to speak on different topics within the automotive industry and business world, such as running a business and how to set goals and achieve success. “The Art of the Big Sell” primarily serves as a tool to help listeners become inspired to achieve professional growth within any industry. Lisa’s podcast is available on her website, YouTube channel and iTunes.    

“Big Sellers Show” on Facebook Live

In addition to her podcasts, Lisa also hosts her “Big Sellers Show,” which airs weekly on Facebook Live. Similar to her podcast, Lisa invites guests to speak about different topics that are relevant to those who wish to advance their careers. Her guests often share their own stories about overcoming adversity and leading their business to success. To watch Lisa’s “Big Sellers Show,” keep an eye on her Facebook page for new episodes.    

“Big Sellers Mastermind” Facebook Group

“Big Sellers Mastermind” is a private Facebook group created specifically for dedicated, hard-working individuals who are serious about reaching the top. It is for those who aspire to achieve success and reach the elite top one percent in the sales profession. The group is a hate-free, judgement-free zone where members can interact with each other, share advice and answer common questions while helping one another.


If reading is more your style, Lisa has written and co-written books about sales and success. Her first book is called “Crushing Mediocrity” in which her and co-author Rene Banglesdorf teach readers how to rise above the status quo and crush fear and self-doubt along the way. Her latest is a free e-book titled, “10 Ways to Dominate the Competition.”  


If you are looking for a more personal approach from Lisa, her keynote is definitely the way to go. Lisa adds an energetic and motivational touch to all kinds of events, including sales groups, women’s conferences, management teams and many more. In her keynote, Lisa will teach your team how to crush it in business and build a high-performance culture. She shares successful sales strategies along with valuable insight focused on helping attendees achieve their goals.

Book Lisa Copeland Today

Lisa Copeland is dedicated to helping your team succeed! She motivates and inspires attendees to execute sales strategies that are proven to help them succeed in sales. If you are interested in booking Lisa as a keynote speaker for your next event, please call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.    


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