3 Reasons to Practice Authenticity in Your Business

You may have heard the saying, “Honesty is the best policy,” more times than you can count. Although it is often used in regards to personal relationships, the same also holds true for businesses. Dr. Todd Dewett, motivational speaker and author, is a strong proponent of authenticity and how you can use it to better not only yourself, but also your business. Here are a few reasons authenticity can be beneficial to your business:

1. Authenticity impacts many aspects of your business.

You might not know this, but authenticity can positively impact many aspects of your business, including sales, leadership and customer experience. In fact, being more authentic can actually lead to higher sales. If customers are satisfied with the type of service they receive, they are more likely to buy more. It can also impact leadership since people would rather have an honest leader than a dishonest one. If your business practices honesty all-around, customers will learn to trust you and keep coming back.

2. Transparency equals success.

A company that is more authentic tends to be more successful. Customers will always want to know what is going on with their favorite company or product, so when it comes to business, honesty is the best policy. Be open, honest and authentic so customers will trust you more. This will translate into success for your business.

3. Being more authentic makes you more human.

As humans, we all want to know the truth — after all, no one appreciates being lied to. Being more authentic makes you more human because it means you are fully embracing who you are without hiding behind a mask. If a business is authentic, they will appear to be more human rather than a corporation. Consumers will notice this and feel like they can relate to your business, which will positively impact your sales as well as other aspects.

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At the core of authenticity is truth. Dr. Todd Dewett delivers nothing but the truth in his keynote where he encourages his audience to embrace their true selves and practice authenticity in every aspect of their lives, including their careers. If you or your business are in need of a lesson on authenticity, leadership or anything related, call us at 1.800.345.5607 or visit eaglestalentmanagement.com for more details on how to book Dr. Dewett for your next event.


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