The Buzz: Our Speakers are Hosting Interviews, Breaking World Records and Traveling (Episode 2)

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Speakers and presenters are known to lead busy lives. As experts in their fields, many speakers often write articles or teach workshops on specific topics within their industry. In addition, you may constantly find them on the road en route to the next event they are scheduled to speak at.  

It’s been a busy week for many of our speakers here at Eagles Talent. They’ve spent the past week or so traveling, headlining conferences and writing scholarly articles. Today’s installment of “The Buzz” features four speakers who’ve been nothing but go, go, go this whole week.

Lisa Copeland Interviews Global Woman Inspirational Award Winner

In addition to her podcasts, sales expert Lisa Copeland also hosts her “Big Sellers Show,” which airs weekly on her Facebook page. On July 16, Cherie Mathews, founder of Heal in Comfort and winner of the Global Woman Summit’s Inspirational Award, was a guest on the show. In the episode, longtime friends Lisa and Cherie discussed everything from entrepreneurship, bootstrapping your business, overcoming hardships and achieving success.

Phil Hansen Breaks a Guinness World Record

Earlier this week, Phil Hansen announced that he broke a Guinness World Record with his latest piece — a connect-the-dots drawing composed of a whopping 52,901 dots. The intricate piece took him a little over two years to complete. If you have a handful of hours on your hands, feel free to print out the drawing and complete it yourself. Phil includes instructions on how to do this on his website.

In more exciting news, Phil visited our Eagles Talent office this week. During his visit, we went live on our Twitter and Instagram where Phil gave viewers his “Elevator Pitch.” He discussed how exactly he came to “Embrace the Shake” and even brought copies of his connect-the-dots drawing to give away to a few lucky viewers.

Mallory Brown Completes Three Miles in Central America

In case you were wondering what progress global humanitarian Mallory Brown has made on her Walk a Mile initiative, we have an update for you! Mallory recently wrapped up in Central America where she walked three miles with three women in Guatemala, Honduras and Panama. Mallory is using her Walk a Mile project to raise money and awareness for working women living in poverty around the world. As part of her project, she is walking 26 miles with 26 working women around the world so she and her viewers can get a better understanding of what their daily lives are like and why it’s important to support them.

Todd Dewett Publishes Articles on Leadership Styles and the Importance of Candor

Like authenticity, Todd Dewett values candor because of the way it allows people to better relate to each other. In the article he wrote for HRExaminer, Todd explains some benefits that come with being a candid leader. Essentially, he makes a case for candor and explains why people should use it to communicate with others.

Todd was on a roll this week and published another article on different types of leadership styles. In the article, he sought to answer a common question: Should a boss instill fear or become friends with employees? In the article, he explains why neither of these approaches is 100 percent reliable. Instead, he encourages those in a leadership position to come up with their own leadership style while keeping a few key concepts in mind. This article was published in the Houston Business Journal.  

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