Lisa Copeland and Global Woman Summit Award Winner Talk Business and Success on ‘Big Sellers Show’

Sales expert Lisa Copeland recently sat down with Cherie Mathews, winner of the Global Woman Summit’s 2018 Global Woman Inspirational Award, to talk about entrepreneurship, building a business and achieving success. The episode aired July 16 on Facebook Live as part of Lisa’s “Big Sellers Show.”

Cherie is the founder and CEO of Heal in Comfort, a company dedicated to providing the resources necessary for cancer patients to heal comfortably after surgery. The breast cancer survivor founded the company in 2010 after receiving a mastectomy. Post-operation, Cherie recalls going home with vague instructions and no equipment to aid her in the healing process. Her goal was to change this so women could have a more comfortable healing process.

At the Global Woman Summit, Cherie was recognized for the strides she has made in changing the lives of women, specifically those with breast cancer. Cherie was nominated alongside six powerful women who are also creating positive change and progress.

On the show, Lisa and Cherie discussed Cherie’s journey from her diagnosis to recovery, her entrepreneurial ventures and her success. They also spoke about entrepreneurial topics, such as patents, bootstrapping your business, core values and many more. The two provided tips and guidance for anyone looking to start or build up their business.

The full interview can be found on Lisa Copeland’s Facebook page.

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