Lisa Copeland on How to Effectively Market to Female Buyers

As a top women’s empowerment speaker, Lisa Copeland does more than simply talk about women in business. She practices what she preaches and works toward creating positive experiences for women in a number of settings, including the automotive industry.

Lisa recently sat down for an interview with CBT News, a network targeted toward professionals in the automotive industry. She spoke about Cars Her Way, the experience women have when buying cars, and the lack of females in the automotive industry.   

Cars Her Way

Lisa Copeland is a co-founder and CEO of Cars Her Way, a software and services company that specializes in helping auto dealers create a smooth car buying experience for women. Although women purchase 54 percent of cars in the United States and influence 84 percent of car purchases, marketing efforts are not often geared toward them.

Through Cars Her Way, Lisa hopes to be authentic and transparent with women, while creating a pleasant car buying experience that is no different than any other shopping experience.

“Why should buying a car be any different than buying a pair of shoes?” Lisa asked the interviewer.    

There is a Lack of Marketing Efforts Toward Female Car Buyers

In the interview, Lisa said women are the most important consumers and influencers in the world. Despite this, there is an extreme lack of marketing efforts aimed toward female car buyers. To solve this problem, Lisa advises car dealers to take women’s needs into consideration. When looking to purchase a vehicle, men and women tend to take different things into consideration — car dealers should recognize this.

This is where Cars Her Way comes into play. Lisa aims to help car dealers understand that they must “take women on a journey” and consider all of their needs when they are purchasing a car.

There is a Lack of Female Representation in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry tends to be a male-dominated field, which can make it difficult for some women to find a car dealer who takes her seriously. As a result, some car dealers cater more toward male buyers rather than female buyers, hence the lack of marketing efforts toward women.

While this is true in many cases, Lisa says it also helps to maintain a diverse group of employees in your showroom. This should help many of your customers feel represented and comfortable when buying a car. Lisa said her team “is out to put supreme pressure on the industry to hire and retain more women and diverse candidates” in an effort to create a smooth experience for all.   

Click here to watch the full interview.

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