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Scott Greenberg, keynote speaker on customer service, leadership, employee engagement

Scott Greenberg is a top franchise speaker who aims to help attendees elevate their businesses from average to extraordinary. As a former franchisee, Scott owned and ran two Edible Arrangements franchises that each won awards out of over 1,000 franchises worldwide.

Today, Scott passes on the knowledge he gained from his franchise experience to leaders everywhere in an effort to help them grow their businesses.

Scott Greenberg teaches organizations the keys to exceptional customer service.

Extraordinary customer service has the power to set an organization apart from the competition. In the video above, Scott highlights the concept of upselling, a practice that is used in many businesses to get customers to buy more and spend more. While making sales is essential, it does not necessarily have to be a company’s sole focus. Scott argues that instead of upselling, employees should upserve, or focus on what the customer wants rather than what they want.

One of the dangers of upselling is being left with an unhappy customer who feels like a victim who fell into a trap. As a result, this customer may not want to return out of fear of having the same thing happen to them. Upserving, as Scott refers to it, will have the opposite result and leave you with a satisfied customer since they will see that you care and are working on their behalf.

It all begins with leadership.

If your employees are not motivated, they may not show the best version of themselves to customers, which can have a negative effect on your company’s image. All of this comes down to leadership. Without a strong leader, employees may not be sure what is expected of them and they may not have a clear direction.

At the forefront of a successful business lies a strong leader. In his keynotes, Scott teaches attendees the skills a leader should possess in order to build and maintain a strong team. He also speaks on employee retention and reminds managers and leaders that finding good employees isn’t difficult, however, you may find that the more difficult part is keeping them good. Scott reminds leaders that this keeping a team of outstanding employees is possible through effective leadership.

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