How Dr. Todd Dewett Leads With Authenticity

Dressed in black from head-to-toe while showing off his many tattoos and sporting Doc Marten boots at speaking engagements, Dr. Todd Dewett may not give the appearance of your traditional keynote speaker. The lack of a suit and tie, however, do not take away from the message he sends to attendees: Be authentic. In fact, this is exactly the message Dr. Dewett communicates as he struts on stage in his black button-down.

Don’t be fooled by his appearance — Todd Dewett is an expert in leadership and knows the ins and outs of business and management. Continue reading for some ways Todd Dewett practices what he preaches in his keynotes:

Keep it real and be authentic.

Todd often reminds audiences of one simple fact: “People like real.” Think about it — when confronted by someone who seems phony all-around, how likely are you to relate to them and their message? Not very likely.

In his keynote, Todd encourages attendees to keep it real and embrace their true selves in all aspects of life. The workplace does require professionalism, however, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise who you are in order to be an excellent leader. The key here is to be able to relate better to those around you.

The moment Todd walks on stage, he reveals his true self to the audience, especially since they might have been expecting someone dressed in slacks and maybe even a tie. In his own way, Todd keeps it real by dressing in his own manner and keeping his tattoos on full display. He effectively puts his true self out there for attendees to see while he relates to them through his engaging anecdotes.

Lead by example.

Todd leads by example. With decades of research and business experience behind him, Todd knows what it takes to be an exceptional leader. By showing attendees who he is from the moment he steps on stage, he is teaching them that there is no need to be afraid to embrace your true self. According to Todd, all the best leaders exhibit authenticity in one way or another. As a result, they are able to relate better to their team. This then allows team members to gain the trust of the person in a leadership position and see them more as a mentor rather than an intimidating boss.

Although he may not look like your traditional keynote speaker, Dr. Todd Dewett has the ability to positively impact your event with knowledge and expertise. As a former management professor, Dr. Dewett has the knowledge to help your team improve their leadership skills and become more authentic. If you want to teach your team how to become better leaders, don’t hesitate to book Dr. Todd Dewett to speak at your next event!

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