Amelia Rose Earhart’s Flight Plan for Businesses

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Amelia Rose Earhart, a inspiring pilot speaker, connects her around-the-world-flight plan to help attendees create a successful business plan.

In business, you might be launching a new initiative or product, changing directions, forming a committee to take action, leading your team towards a new company goal — in all, it’s challenging, and you might be searching for guidance to see your plan through. Can you imagine flying a plane around the world? Taking on an endeavor like this takes the same type of planning.

To put flying around the world in perspective, consider these flight facts:

  • Approximately 28,000 miles in flight.
  • 18 days of flight
  • Passing through 14 countries
  • 6 Equatorial crossings

One error in mechanics, routes, weather watching, etc., is the difference of successfully completing the flight and not. Amelia Rose Earhart took the challenge on of her namesake, Amelia Mary Earhart, to accomplish this goal. While there were many decisions made during the flight, much of the planning began way before the flight — from selecting the plan, the route, to determining the best time of year.

While Amelia’s keynote is super inspiring, it’s full of useful content, especially if you and your team are embarking on your own mission. Even if you don’t plan to fly around the world, you can use the same steps to exclaim, “mission accomplished!”

One of Amelia’s current talk, “How a Strategic Flight Plan Can Get You and Your Team to Your Final Destination” dives into developing your own flight plan.

Here are a few of the main fundamentals Amelia covers in her keynote:

  • Overcome the self doubt
  • Be clear on the destination
  • Create a successful flight plan
  • Trust your flight crew
  • Execute on the fly
  • Believe in Journey
  • Embrace the turbulence

If you are a business leader looking for an actionable framework to get your plan off the ground, into the air, and reach it’s destination, then you’ll want to learn more about Amelia.


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