How to Move Forward in the Face of Adversity

Whether it’s in the workplace or in your personal life, there are many times when things don’t go as planned. Something can suddenly jump out at you when you least expect it and you may be left wondering, “What do I do next?” Although you may feel helpless, it is important to remember that it is possible to overcome anything.

In 2012, Stephanie Decker’s life was changed when her home came crashing down on her in a category four tornado. In an effort to save her children, Decker pushed them away as her home collapsed on her. As a result, she lost both of her legs. Luckily, Decker was fortunate enough to have access to high-tech prosthetics.

Here are a few ways Decker found courage in the storm and didn’t let the loss of her legs slow her down:

She formulated a plan.

The moment she learned that she lost her legs, Decker knew that she had to create a plan. She wanted to walk again and resume her life right where she left off. At this point, she requested the best technology available for her prosthetics.

When you’re facing any difficulty, it may be tempting to take the easy way out and just give up. Rather than giving up, however, you should create a plan and encourage yourself to keep moving forward.

She shared her story.

Today, Decker is a motivational speaker who speaks with audiences about finding “Courage in the Storm” and recognizing your inner hero. In this way, Decker did not let her experience slow her down. Instead, she used it as a motivation to keep moving forward and help others along the way. She advises others to do the same by finding something they are passionate about and working toward it before it’s too late.

She founded the Stephanie Decker Foundation.

Since the accident that took her legs, Decker has used her story to help others. One way she did this was by starting a foundation in her name. The Stephanie Decker Foundation serves to help children with prosthetics get involved in sports as well as gain access to excellent prosthetic technology to help with their mobility.

By giving back to the community, Decker uses her experience as a driving force for achieving her goals. Rather than letting a personal or professional setback slow you down, you should use it as motivation to keep moving forward.

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Today, Decker shares her story with audiences everywhere to show others that it is possible to overcome adversity and achieve your goals. If you are interested in booking Stephanie Decker to speak with your audience about overcoming adversity and moving forward in the face of a challenge, call us at 1.800.345.5607 or visit us at


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