Lisa Copeland Uses Podcast to Teach Listeners ‘The Art of the Big Sell’

Through her achievements in the automotive industry along with her outstanding leadership skills, Lisa Copeland has created an empire for herself. She was named to Automotive News’ “Top 100 Women in the Automotive Industry” in 2015 after leading her Fiat dealership to success. Today, she shares her experience and what she’s learned along the way with audiences everywhere through her keynotes, books, and most recently, her weekly podcast.

Earlier this year, Lisa Copeland uploaded her first podcast titled, “The Art of the Big Sell.” Since then, she has been updating her podcast weekly, fully equipped with special guests and relevant topics aimed at helping viewers master the art of sales.

So far, Lisa’s guests have included top professionals and CEOs in sales, management and the automotive industry. Each guest shares their unique story and what they have learned along the way, while Lisa incorporates overarching topics, such as overcoming doubt and achieving success. 

By the end of just one episode, listeners will already have accumulated a strong set of tips and insights on how they can not only make sales, but also grow professionally. Listeners will leave inspired to keep moving forward and drive their businesses and brands toward accomplishments they never imagined possible.  

According to Lisa, “The Art of the Big Sell” is all about selling a movement, not a product. If you work in sales, you know that one of your main objectives is to make sales. Lisa’s advice, however, is to place your movement, or your mission, above all else. Focus on selling your movement, and the increase in sales will follow thereafter. One of Lisa’s keys to success? “To build an audience, you must build a movement.”

Take it from Lisa who has years of experience and vast accomplishments under her belt. In today’s world, you cannot simply focus on the product you are selling. You need to delve deeper and make your mission known to the public. This is what “The Art of the Big Sell” is all about.

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Lisa’s podcasts are an effective tool that aspiring professionals everywhere can utilize to learn from the best in the industry. All episodes are easily accessible — available free to the public via Lisa’s website, her YouTube channel and iTunes — and serves as a convenient way to grow as a professional in any industry.

If you are looking for a more personal and interactive program for an upcoming event, Lisa is able to speak to your team in the form of a keynote and an optional workshop. She offers keynotes on a wide range of topics, including leadership, sales strategies and customer service, among many others. If you want to learn more about the different programs Lisa offers and how to book her for an upcoming event, visit or call 1.800.345.5607.


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