Amelia Rose Earhart Celebrates Four Year Anniversary of Around-the-World Flight

Four years ago today, Amelia Rose Earhart and her co-pilot Shane Jordan landed in Oakland, California, following their 28,000 mile flight around the world. In just 18 days, Amelia visited 14 countries, completed six equatorial crossings and became the first woman to circumnavigate the globe via a single-engine aircraft.  

In honor of this special day, we are highlighting some of the great things Amelia has been up to as well as some fun facts you may not know about her.  

She’s given back to her community in countless ways.

Through her Fly With Amelia Foundation, the pilot has awarded numerous scholarships to girls who dream of becoming pilots. The scholarship is awarded to girls ages 16-18 and goes toward the cost of flight training. Recipients are then able to obtain their pilot’s license. The foundation also provides an educational aviation curriculum to grades K-12, which allows students to learn all about aviation — a subject they might not have the opportunity to learn about.    

She’s shared her story as a keynote speaker.

Since completing her flight, Amelia has shared her story in the form of keynotes. She connects her experience to various topics, including business goals, women’s empowerment and achieving success. After hearing Amelia speak, many attendees leave with a newfound motivation to create a “flight plan” and work toward achieving their own goals.

She flew around the world 10 years after completing her first flight ever.

In 2004, Amelia took her first flying lesson. Only 10 years later, she found herself flying around the world in a single-engine aircraft. At the time of her flight, Amelia was still a relatively new pilot and did not have as many logged hours as other pilots. Her determination and hard work is admirable to say the least and serves as a reminder that anything is possible.

She is not related to Amelia Earhart.

We know you’re probably wondering if Amelia Rose Earhart has any kind of connection to Amelia Mary Earhart, who embarked on the same journey in 1937, and the answer is no. Although the two share a name and a passion for aviation, the Amelias are not related. Their legacies, however, live on today.

Book Amelia Rose Earhart for Your Next Event

Amelia Rose Earhart’s around-the-world flight took a significant amount of planning and perseverance. Although attendees of Amelia’s keynotes may not be planning to fly around the world, she uses her experience to teach others how to create their own “flight plans” and work toward success despite any turbulence they encounter along the way. If you want to learn more about how to book Amelia for an event, please call 1.800.345.5607.


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