Mallory Brown Named GoFundMe’s February Hero of the Month

In February, GoFundMe launched season two of its podcast, True Stories of Good People. The podcast serves to highlight the accomplishments of everyday heroes and how they make a difference while inspiring their own communities to do the same.

The podcast also recognizes extraordinary individuals who go above and beyond when it comes to making a difference in their community. February’s GoFundMe Hero of the Month was none other than global humanitarian and impact storyteller Mallory Brown. She recently appeared on the podcast and discussed everything from crowdfunding to her latest campaign, Walk A Mile.

Listen to the full podcast here and continue reading for more on Mallory’s remarks.

Set significant goals for yourself — don’t shy away from something just because it sounds like a lot of work.

26 miles. 26 new people. 26 new places. Mallory says her Walk A Mile marathon is a big goal for her because it will require a lot of time and hard work to complete. This, however, isn’t stopping her from working toward her goal of raising $1 million for working women around the world through her project.

“I’ve always lived on the principle that you should set goals that are so big that they scare you.”

Mallory advises viewers to aim for any goal they have in mind, no matter how big. In other words, don’t be scared off because something seems like a lot of work. Mallory said Walk A Mile will most likely take her about five years to complete. She is excited to be dedicating five years of her life to women’s empowerment, she says.

Mallory is dedicated to women’s empowerment, ensuring that Walk A Mile is a program made for women by women.

Each episode of Walk A Mile is funded by what Mallory calls a “power woman” who makes each mile possible by donating to costs such as travel and production. For each mile, Mallory partners with different nonprofits, which are mainly run by women. The nonprofit then connects Mallory with a woman the organization has helped, and Mallory walks her mile while learning all about the struggles faced by impoverished working women around the world.

This project, which is fully driven by women, allows other women to realize that they have power in their voice and can truly make a difference in the world, Mallory says.

Traveling has shifted Mallory’s perspective on life.

Mallory says her travels helped her realize that sometimes we worry a lot about things that don’t necessarily matter, such as material items. She recalls being more grateful and appreciative toward things we don’t normally consider a luxury, like carpeting and running water, when she returns home from each trip.

“I go meet people where I’ve spent 24 hours on a plane to get to them, and they’ve never left their village.”

As an impact storyteller, Mallory shares her stories with audiences in hopes that they will be inspired to make a difference. Often times, people want to help support a social cause, but they have no idea where to start. Through her social impact projects, Mallory’s goal is to break down barriers and help others realize that they have the power to positively impact someone else’s life. Ultimately, she wants everyday people to watch the stories she shares in Walk A Mile and feel like they can help make a difference.

Want to book Mallory Brown to speak at your next event? Visit or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.


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