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In today’s world, simply putting your product or content on the market is not enough to launch you to success. It helps tremendously to have some kind of marketing effort behind your product as well as a mass following of your own, especially on social media. Without these two elements, your work may not get the recognition or exposure it deserves.  

Sales expert Lisa Copeland’s latest project is a series of 10 articles focused on social media domination to be published on LinkedIn over the coming weeks. So far, she has published the first two articles titled “My Journey to Social Media Domination” and “Build a Brand Build an Empire.” In each article, Lisa reveals how she effectively built her brand and created a powerful social media following for herself while providing tips on how other professionals can do the same.

Build Your Brand

Building your personal brand is essential, especially when it comes to social media marketing. If you don’t build a brand for yourself, there’s no guarantee that anyone will interact with your work. One main point you should take away from this article: “If you do not have a brand, you have a commodity.” The last thing you should want is for your product to be a commodity. If that’s the case, consumers will look elsewhere for a better product to put their money toward. You should want to produce something that will stand out among the competition and continue to be in high demand.

People Follow Brands

People follow brands — but more importantly, they connect to brands. Just look at the immense loyalty people show to their favorite celebrities. No matter what a celebrity does in real life, fans choose to remain loyal to the persona that celebrity puts on social media. As a result, they connect to that celebrity and continue to purchase their products while staying tuned for upcoming projects.   

In a similar way, building your brand will allow you to make connections with your own followers. If they feel connected to your brand, they will look forward to your next projects. Oftentimes, people are looking for something they can relate to, so it’s important that you try to relate to your audience in some way.  

Dominate Social Media

Consistency and dedication are both important keys when it comes to building a strong social media platform for yourself. Be consistent in your posts — don’t keep your followers waiting forever for new content because they might just end up tuning out. Secondly, you should be dedicated to your brand and do everything in your power to move your brand forward and gain new followers while remaining committed to your old ones. Without a brand behind your product, customers may completely overlook what you have to offer. If you build a brand, you can build an empire.

Build an Empire

Nothing worth having comes easy. As Lisa writes in her article, it takes more than just the “right kind of software to do the right kind of job.” Building a successful brand takes consistency, dedication and hard work. Keep this in mind and you’ll be well on your way to building your empire and dominating social media.   

Read more of Lisa’s tips on social media domination and building a brand on her LinkedIn page.

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