Gabe Zichermann’s Comments on Addictive Technology Featured in GQ

Every now and then, you may find yourself glued to your screen. You just can’t hit pause on level 100 of Candy Crush or maybe you can’t tune out of your favorite actor’s Facebook Live. Why is this all too common in today’s world? It’s because a number of app developers are currently working with one goal in mind: to keep you on their app for as long as possible.

Although their motive behind creating more addictive apps may be to increase popularity and profit, it comes with an immense cost to the rest of society. Gamification expert Gabe Zichermann spoke his mind on technology addiction in a recent GQ article where he recalled his past experience working with various tech companies to create more engaging (i.e. addictive) apps.

Soon after, Gabe came to the realization that his work was potentially harmful to others because it perpetuates this kind of addiction. Gabe then turned around and took a completely different route in designing his own app. Gabe currently serves as the CEO of Onward, an app he founded with the purpose of helping users combat their technology addiction.  

Although Gabe realized the harm he was doing by creating apps with a strong addictive quality, many app developers have not yet come to this realization. Despite the fact that tech giants such as Facebook and Apple have recognized their addictive qualities, Gabe does not believe that they are taking the appropriate measures in limiting people’s technology usage. Instead, they are focused doing whatever it takes to win the “arms race for addictive technology.”

Click here to read more of Gabe’s comments on the rising issue of technology addiction.

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