Amelia Rose Earhart, Inspiring Keynote, Beyond her Trip Around the World

Amelia Rose Earhart, leadership, female pilot, change, inspiring

Amelia Rose Earhart, an around-the-world pilot, has many sides to her. While she is so well known for following the flight path of her name sake, Amelia Mary Earhart, she is seen almost daily, every morning on Denver TV 9 News reporting on traffic and news. When she is not in front of the TV camera, waking up with the city of Denver, she is traveling again across the globe, helping attendees at conferences and conventions (corporate, associations, government groups) learn how to get through the turbulence with her keynote presentation.

Amelia understands that turbulence, something she experienced in her aircraft flying around the world, is something that we all go through, personally and professionally. In her keynote, she is able to draw the connection what this is what we all go through on a daily basis. For some it may be budget cuts, restructuring–or others, it might be more of a motivating challenge to be a better sales person, or work better as a team. Whatever the case may be, Amelia believes that everyone can get through the turbulence–or challenges. However, it takes a mindset and a flight plan.

Learn more about Amelia Rose Earhart’s inspiring keynote and how she can add value for attendees. She is one of the top female speakers who can deliver a motivating message. She’s perfect for corporate groups, associations, women’s conferences and many others.


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